Water Microbiology Essay

Alyse Flower

Microbiology Research laboratory

Bacterial Unfamiliar

March twenty-five, 2013

Microbe Unknown Statement

Each pupil was given a mysterious bacteria to determine. I was given the unidentified bacteria S38. Everybody should really do a number of test to distinguish the bacterias. The first thing Used to do was smear my bacteria on a water medium. I then proceeded to incubate the medium intended for 24-48 several hours.


The next step I actually took to find my unidentified bacteria was to gram spot it. This is used to identify the bacterias. The different discoloration reagents will be: crystal purple, grams iodine, acetone-alcohol, and grams safranin. Under the microscopic lense it was a pink color, which means Gram Negative. Likewise, the shape was obviously a rod.


The next step I did so was the OF slant. This is for the Bad bacteria to verify that they are inside the Enteriobacteriaceae group. There are many different outcomes than can happen, like: 1 . Yellow slant/yellow deep- (A/A) glucose & lactose will be fermented; in case the butt features bubbles in it or perhaps is displaced, the conduit is gas positive. 2 . Red slant/yellow deep- (K/A) glucose but is not lactose is usually fermented three or more. Red slant/black deep- (K/A) glucose but is not lactose is definitely fermented and H2S2 is definitely produced. The deep can be acid (yellow) 4. Crimson slant/ reddish colored deep- (K/NC) neither carbs is fermented. Peptone is usually degraded aerobically My result was a red slant and black profound. When is H2S2 is developed. The deep is chemical p (yellow). Glucose was fermented and lactose wasn't.


This test is used to see if urea can be used. Proteus can be determined because there fast urease activity. Proteus may be the ability to use lactose. My own test ended in a positive consequence. It was a pink color.

Within my end result, my own unknown bacteria is Proteus Vulgaris.

Gram Stain

Confident Gram Discolor

Negative gram stain

KIARed slant/black profound

Urease Test

Urease Positive

Urease Bad



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