The Dragons Playground Essay

The Dragon's Playground Poem Example

We all will practice how to solution an unfamiliar text message question: building our vocab in the process.

15MINS Per Unfamiliar text message

Q1. Recognize ONE mental language characteristic used to illustrate the children in line 12-16. " With tooth so white… fresh and ripe. ” Give an example of this characteristic,

Verbal characteristic:

Consonance (Repetition of consonant sounds)


" Perhaps it is the style?

It seems a monstrous spend. ”

Make clear how the poet uses this kind of language feature to describe the way the children come in these lines: The Dragon's playground involves many dialect features that help the textual content flow and make the composition easier to read. One example is usually, " Perhaps it is the flavor? It seems a monstrous waste materials. ” It will help us imagine the children as very relaxed. It also would make the characters seem careful about

Q1. Identify 1 verbal terminology feature utilized to describe the children in lines Mental feature, quotation and clarify How they seem

Metaphor- Calling Children " they'd be considered a delicacy, every fleshy morsel” Appear young, tasty children

Comparing to piece or perhaps meat talking about as meals. The author wants us to visualise them while slabs of meat/fruit. Writer makes all of us imagine a dragon whom hmeal intended for animal the industry giant playground. Pieces of food playing in dragons mouth area!

Alliteration- " plump pink”

Listing- " So aged fresh and ripe”

Mcdougal uses this kind of feature to portray desirable and harmful

Q2. Explain how the children feel if they enter the play ground. " They stand and grin, clentching broken the teeth. ”

Feel safe mainly because know what the dragon does, excited and know what happen. Tame monster. Not injuring or harsh " Flying on marine of softening bark”


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