The Anti-bacterial Properties of Plants Article

Anti-bacterial Properties of Plants

A plant with antimicrobial properties means that that destroys or inhibits the expansion of bacteria and fungi.

Aim: our aim was to see weather conditions or not really garlic, mint and lawn contained anti-bacterial properties of course, if they did just how effective these were we were trying to see climate the bacterias will expand around the diverse plants.

Control Test: Like a control check what we do was, we all dipped a paper compact disk into the alcoholic beverages solution we used to break down the plants; the reason we all did it was to test to see weather or not the alcohol will affect the end result. If bacterias grew about the alcohol- newspaper disc this may mean the alcohol experienced no effect on the bacteria. This is what we want.

Safety Precautions considered: The main precaution we had to adopt was to be sure that we were employed in a clean and sterile environment constantly. There were many ways we did this. All of us first of all most significantly we cleaned our hands, made sure locks was tied up back, no person was chewing, our office was obvious, we were aprons and protection goggles. All the equipment we all used was sterilised. Whilst we were working together with the agar agar plates we had a Bunsen burner losing in order to build a sterile location we can work in to avoid any kind of contamination.

Within my Petri dish I had four different factors.

Section 1: Controlled (alcohol)

Section 2: Garlic

Section 3: Mint

Section some: Grass


In Section 1: the controlled varying there was a great deal of bacteria present meaning that the alcohol acquired no anti-bacterial properties meaning it couldn't inhibit the expansion of bacterias.

In Section 2: The variable in section two was garlic herb. Bacteria was killed in a certain place of the conventional paper disc, even so the bacteria was present at some distance away from paper compact disk (as shown in diagram) this demonstrates garlic has some features of anti-bacterial properties yet...


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