Supply String Management assignment 2 Essay



An instance study of: 1) Fast food (pizza) restaurant

2) La carte (pizza) restaurant

A supply chain is known as a network of facilities and distribution alternatives that conduct the capabilities of: Purchase – That interfaces together with the supply aspect of the network to bring in materials and companies into the functions. Operations – That enhance these elements into intermediate and completed goods and products. Syndication of these done products to customers1.

Supply sequence management may be the management of the flow of products and services between customer's customers and supplier's suppliers2. The main objective of source chain management is to satisfy the end customer. Every single operation inside the chain must be satisfying its own customers, with all the ultimate goal of making sure the end buyer is satisfied3.

There are a number of food wall plug restaurants within the different industries of virtually any economy, these kinds of range from small mobile shelter businesses, work from home operations to large multi-billion dollar corporate and business franchises, such as Nandos', Maxis', etc . This kind of paper is based on observations we all made about two types of restaurants, that happen to be Debonairs Pizza, a fast meals pizza restaurant and Piza e Morapio, a la reproduction pizza cafe.

Debonairs French fries

Debonairs Pizza is one of the leading pizza restaurants in Africa; it was set up in 1991 which is now part of the highly good Steers Group of Companies, (now known as Famous Brands).

Debonairs Pizza's method of sale includes:

Over the counter sales (Take outs).

Door to door delivery assistance through phone in order currently taking. In cafe seating facility, though with limited in capacity.

Piza e Morapio

Piza e Vino is a restaurant that prides itself on their traditional German style foodstuff and wine. Destination malls are what the main concentrate for Piza e Vino restaurant applies to when looking for a web page to open any of their shops, the target marketplace for the business is upmarket middle to upper salary earners. Their particular restaurant business is largely depending on customer service which in turn enables them to charge reduced for their goods.

Their methods of sale include:

Booked desks & Bookings (telephone or perhaps online)

Sitting arrangements to get inside & outside the cafe with infrequent live entertainment

Both types of eating places prepare and sell pizza, nevertheless differ in their model of procedure and are present in in a different way configured supply chain networks. Debonairs Pizza deals with standard pizza choices which are dependant on the father or mother Franchise Company (Famous Brands), their limbs having no firm control of these food selection. Its primary thrust is on uniformity and repair of Franchise criteria across every franchisee outlets. On the other hand Piza e Vino sells once off specifically prepared pizza that is flames cooked. Buyers are free to look for the variety in the menu with their choice. Each branch of Piza e Morapio always updates its menu on a regular basis, which is usually every 3 months. The 2 restaurants appeal to different industry segments with all the demand side of the supply chain becoming a major concern in their pricing structure and location decisions. These require factors will be: Suitability of site – in terms of visitors volume, atmosphere, visibility, etc . Image of position – Customer and basic consumer understanding of site Convenience for customers – Car parking, space, secureness

Debonairs Lasagna restaurants are situated in remarkably populated areas such as occupied shopping malls and busy roadways. With 80 percent of their customers shopping for take outs, the design of the restaurant's soaking in arrangement is supposed to look after customers who have are awaiting their requests to be prepared or for many who want to have a quick meal in the restaurant. Observe fig 1 ) On the other hand, Piza e Morapio is located in improved shopping things with ample,...


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