Silas Marner Major Designs Essay

Major Themes


Silas Marner centers around two

households, Marner's cottage by

the stone-pits and the Cass manor,

the Red Residence. These two settings

represent course extremes, plus the

people of Raveloe are aware of it. The

bungalow is the ramshackle abode of

the lowliest member of Raveloe

society; the manor is a sprawling

residence filled with gentry and a

location pertaining to dances. Instead of

set a great impermeable border

between both of these worlds, Eliot

stages many intersections among

the two homes. Dunstan Cass,

who is a part of the moneyed

class, makes its way into Marner's residence

looking for money. Silas Marner,

lowly and miserable, elevates a

Squire's granddaughter as his own

child. Godfrey Cass, nevertheless he

is the owner of Marner's bungalow at the end

of the novel, is actually in the

weaver's debt. They are just a few

instances of the permeability of

category boundaries inside the novel.

In Raveloe, tight boundaries of

class will not necessarily result in

greater pleasure among the

larger classes. Certainly, those with

money-or those who are supposed

to have money-tend to be the the majority of

harried and corrupt characters,

such as Dunstan, Godfrey, as well as

Silas before Eppie. The person most

oppressed by instances in

Silas Marner is probably Godfrey

Cass, who locates himself on the

mercy of your lower-class partner, who

does not have children of his own,

and who ends up envying the bond

of a lowly weaver and his girl.

Silas Arranger and Eppie, on the

other hand, though they cannot

have position or prosperity, have electrical power

over the Casses and appear to enjoy

unmitigated happiness.

The Rainbow tavern and the cathedral

in Raveloe also function as places

in which class differences are obvious.

The Offers a becomes a significant

different place when the " gentles"

are experiencing a party; during these

moments (in Section Six, to get instance),

the lesser villagers, like Mister. Macey,

reign over the Range, telling

reports all the while regarding the

ended up members of society. On the

church, the important members of

society take a seat in designated seats with the

front in the church even though the rest

with the villagers stay behind them and

watch. In both these areas,

although everyone recognizes the

status big difference between the

common villagers plus the gentry,

this difference will not seem to be

problems in Raveloe. The lower

classes have not been fed the

broth of revolt; they seem quite

content. At the same time, the upper

classes are not oppressive or cruel

slave motorists like all their factory-

using counterparts. Actually the

ballinger rely upon the villagers to

sincerely love their

importance and worth in the town.

It is Mister. Macey, not really Mr.

Lammeter, who commemorates the

history of the Warrens. And

without the respectful, viewing

eyes in the villagers, the front-row

chairs in cathedral would have much less


Thus, Silas Marner tends to

represent class variations with

famous accuracy. Eliot seems

attracted to this pre-industrial era,

once there was an easygoing school

hierarchy in country villages.

Compare the relatively class-

indifferent value that is displayed in

Raveloe to the terrible factory in

the manufacturing town that

Marner and Eppie visit in Chapter

Twenty-One. The commercial world

goodies the lower classes as inhuman

cogs inside the factory rims. In

Raveloe's trade-based world,

meanwhile, each villager can easily play

an important role in the success of

the culture. That is, the weaver is

respected to some degree by the

Squire if he weaves his linens well.

Even so, one particular might reasonably

argue that Eliot's idyllic interpretation

of happy peasants romanticizes the

problems of the course differences

in nineteenth-century England.

Myth and Folklore

Many critics from the novel wrong doing its

unrealistic situations and

conclusions. They point out that

Marner's change from a

miserable old misanthrope to a

loving dad happens too quickly,

and they believe the end in the

novel provides too much graceful justice,

jointly character finding a...


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