Series Brake lines: Practical Challenges Essay

Week 4 Practice Problems

Chapter some Series Circuits

11. Decide the potentiometer setting required to set the present in Determine 4. 33a to 18 mother. I1= Vs/R1= 10V/470Ω= zero. 02127 by 10^-3= 21mA

I2= It(I1)= 18mA(21mA)= 0. 000378 times 10^-6= 378µA

R2= Vs/I2= 10V/378µA= 26455 x 10^3= 26. 455kΩ

12. Determine the potentiometer setting had to set the existing in Number 4. 33b to twenty seven mA. I1= Vs/R1 sama dengan 30V/750Ω = 0. 04 x 10^-3= 40mA

I2= It(I1)= 27mA(40mA)= 0. 00108 x 10^-3= 1 . 08mA

R2= Vs/I2= 30V/1. 08mA= 27, 777 x 10^3= 27. 777kΩ

Chapter your five Parallel Brake lines

1 . The table listed below refers to Physique 5. twenty-seven. For each mixture of branch power, find the whole circuit current. a 12mA 2 . 8mA 6. 6mA 21. 4mA

b 5. 5mA 360A 1 . 04mA 360A

c 43mA 25mA 3. 3mA 71. 3mA

d 500A 226A 1 . 08mA 726A

A. It=I1+I2+I3=12mA+2. 8mA+6. 6mA= 0. 0214 x 10^-3=21. 4mA

B. It=I1=I2+I3=5. 5mA+360A+1. 04mA= fish hunter 360. 00654A = 360A

C. It=I1+I2+I3=43mA+25mA+3. 3mA= 0. 0713 x 10^-3= 71. 3mA

D. It=I1+I2+I3= 500A+226A+1. 08mA= 726. 00108A= 726A

several. Determine the values of the branch power and the total current pertaining to the circuit shown in Figure five. 28a. I1=Vs/R1= 8V/1kΩ= zero. 008 times 10^-3=8mA

I2=Vs/R2= 8V/200Ω=0. '04 x 10^-3=40mA

It= I1+I2= 8mA+40mA= 48mA

6. Decide the beliefs of the department currents as well as the total current for the circuit shown in Determine 5. 29b. I1= Vs/R1= 15V/220Ω= zero. 06818 x 10^-3= sixty-eight. 2mA

I2=Vs/R2= 15V/100Ω= zero. 15 by 10^-3= 150mA

I3= Vs/R3= 15V/470Ω= 0. 03191 x 10^-3= 31. 9mA

It= I1+I2+I3= 68. 2mA+150mA+31. 9mA= 0. 2501 x 10^-3= 250. 1mA

10. Calculate the value of Rt for the circuit demonstrated in Number 5. 29b. Rt= Vs/It= 15V/250. 1mA= 59. 98Ω

12. Determine the value of Rt for the circuit demonstrated in Figure 5. 30b. Rt= = = 21. 21Ω

13. Calculate the cost of Rt to get the routine shown in Figure a few. 31a. Rt=1/(1/R1+1/R2+1/R3+1/R4+1/R5)= 1/(1/47kΩ+1/3. 3kΩ+1/22kΩ+1/47Ω+1/9. 1kΩ)=2084 x 10^3= installment payments on your 084 kΩ 16. Identify the...


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