Question Paper - Mg 2452 Engineering Economics and Financial Accounting


5th Semester

Information Technology


(Regulation 2008)

Period: Three hours Maximum: 90 Marks

Answer ALL questions

PORTION A — (10 × 2 sama dengan 20 Marks)

1 . Define Managerial Economics.

2 . Specify the concept of Firm.

3. Point out law of supply with diagram.

4. Define Firmness of Demand.

5. So what do you suggest by Cash cost and Real price?

6. Give two cases for acted cost and explicit cost.

7. Express Capital Spending budget and Expenditure with case.

8. Clarify Internal Charge of Returning.

9. Issue firm adopt Marginal Expense pricing?

twelve. Mention any kind of two advantages of cost as well as pricing.

PART B — (5 × 16 = 80 Marks)

11. (a) (i) Make clear the relationship of Managerial Economics with other procedures. [Marks 4]

(ii) Go over in detail the size of Managerial Economics. [Marks 12] Or

(b) (i) " Managerial Economics is Economics applied in Decision Making" – Talk about. [Marks 8]

(ii) Describe the desired goals of the organization. [Marks 8]

12. (a) (i) Specify law of demand and explain types of require with plan.[Marks10 ] (ii) Why does the necessity curve ski slopes downward? [Marks 6]


(b) (i) What are the reason why for the exceptions from the Demand Contour? Explain. [Marks 8]

(ii) Describe the Elasticity of Supply. [Marks 8]

13. (a) (i) Write a piece on Isoquant and its types. [Marks 10] (ii) Elucidate the comes back to scale. [Marks 6]


(b) (i) Identify cost of creation in the long run typical cost competition. [Marks 8] (ii) Exactly what are the factors affecting production function? Talk about. [Marks 8]

14. (a) (i) Write a note on cost-oriented pricing. [Marks 10] (ii) Make clear common prices practices in Retail Operate. [Marks 6] Or

(b) (i) Identify price Discriminations. [Marks 7]

(ii) Explain the limitations from the Marginal cost pricing. [Marks 9]

12-15. (a) (i) Write in short , on the limitations of financial transactions. [Marks 8] (ii) Supply the meaning of Ratio...


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