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College of Business Administration

VACKRA 402 -- Investments

Fall 2014

Instructor: Dr . Thomas McKeon Room: Olin 112

Phone: 619 260-7868

Email-based: [email protected] edu

Course Website: WEBCT/Blackboard at this web address: ole. sandiego. edu

Blog page of comments and valuable links:

IMPORTANT E-MAIL POLICY: I will assume that you have read and noted any information I email-based over the training course website inside 24 hours of when I mail it.

Office Several hours: Monday 12 AM – 12 PM HOURS, 2 PM HOURS – 4PM

Tuesday 2: 30 PM – 3: 30 PM HOURS

Please note that there will be some office several hours sessions inside the Maher 114 computer lab in order to better assist you with questions related to projects and assignments. These types of sessions will be on the following dates and times:

Tues, Oct 14th, 1: 30 – two: 30 PM HOURS

Monday, Nov 3rd, several – 4 PM

Monday, Nov seventeenth, 3 – 4 PM

Tuesday, December 2nd, one particular: 30 – 2: 30 PM

Text: Essentials of Investments, Bodie, Kane and Marcus (2013), 9th Copy, McGraw Hill-Irwin.

SBA Objective Statement: We develop socially responsible organization leaders which has a global way of thinking through academically rigorous, relevant and values-based education and research.

Program Overview: This course surveys the fundamental principles and techniques of security and investment research. It covers capital market segments, stocks, fixed-income portfolios, alternatives, futures contracts and other derivatives. Market evaluation methods are examined, and sources of analytical information and the use will be studied. Prerequisite: FINA 300.

Course Learning Objectives:

Simply by completion of the course, trainees should:

1 ) Be able to describe the purpose of economical markets and why that they exist 2 . Distinguish between equities, fixed income and derivatives 3. Have the ability to explain the efficient market hypothesis as well as the principles of behavioral financial, and be able to apply these two...


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