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Prolonged Diploma in Construction & the Built Environment

Product 7 Job Management in Construction plus the Built


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8th Oct 2014

sixth November 2014

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The Construction Group and Source Management

In this assessment you should have opportunities to offer evidence up against the following requirements. Indicate the page amounts where the data can be found.

Requirements reference

To realise the criteria evidence must show that the spanish student is able to:

Activity no .



Offer evidence intended for grading requirements P1. (identify the various periods of the structure process for a low-rise household or commercial building)

one particular

Annotated movement diagram



Task 2a provides evidence to get grading requirements P2 (describe the roles and interrelationships of the associates of the building team involved in resource management, planning and production. ) Task 2b provides proof for grading criteria M1 (produce efficiency charts to describe the group dynamics of team operating. )

2a, 2b

Produce organisational graphs to explain the group mechanics of group working.


This task delivers evidence intended for grading requirements P3. (discuss the resources required to complete a development project)


Compile a list


This task delivers evidence pertaining to grading qualifying criterion M2 (compare the advantages and drawbacks of useful resource management techniques).




This task provides evidence for grading criterion D1 (compare two software systems that can assist in planning, enterprise and control processes).

a few


Learner assertion

I approve that the operate submitted in this assignment can be my own. I have clearly referenced any resources used in the task. I understand that false...


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