Philhealth’s Indigent Program Composition



The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation was made by Republic Act Number 7875 to administer the National Health Insurance Plan which is designed to provide health care insurance coverage and be sure affordable, satisfactory and well being services for all those Filipinos.

The Enhanced " PCSO Greater Medicare Access (GMA) Program" can be described as partnership cast by 4 important organizations of the govt: the Philippine Charity Contest Office (PCSO), the Local Authorities Unit (LGU), Department of Budget and Management (DBM), the Philippine Health Insurance Firm (PhilHealth) and also other national gov departments (NGAs) such as DILG, DSWD, DAR, DOH. The Enhanced PCSO GMA System is a understanding of the prevalent goals of PCSO, PhilHealth, DBM and the LGUs with the intention to sign up 5 , 000, 000 indigent families nationwide institutionalizing an integrated healthcare financing and delivery system that ensures accessible, inexpensive and top quality health care to all or any underprivileged Filipinos. The Program began its enrollment on Feb 2004 and ended on, may 2004. The validity of the card is for a year and is renewed through the Local Government Products (LGUs).

Intended for the implementation of the Program, PCSO given P1. 5 billion since assistance to get the repayment of the local government unit (LGU) premium version to PhilHealth for 2005, initially used the P1 billion " Stand By Fund" approved by the PCSO Table. DBM, alternatively, assured the release of P1. 5 billion dollars to PhilHealth for the national federal government (NG) premium counterpart to get the can be indigent. PHASE II. OBEJCTIVES

1 . To be able to identify the qualified members

2 . To know the regular membership process

3. To be able to discover the program benefits

4. Being able know the number of indigents enrolled in Location VIII. 5. To be able to recognize the number of says from the enrollment members. six. To determine the controversies behind the card


The study is confined only to Area VIII which composes the provinces of: Biliran, Far eastern Samar, Leyte, Northern Samar, Southern Leyte and European Samar.

Phase IV. Method

The primary info were accumulated through selection interviews with the Account & Marketing Division, Financial Division, Claims Division and Management Details System of PhilHealth.

In the secondary data, the researcher employed the information coming from PhilHealth, media clippings from the newspapers as well as the Internet.


Desk I. Quantity of Indigents Enrolled In Eastern Samar

MunicipalityNo. Of Indigents EnrolledPercentage

Arteche1, 1423. 27%

Balangiga6861. 96%

Balangkayan9912. 84%

Borongan5, 39815. 46%

Can-avid1, 9095. 47%

Dolores3, 57510. 24%

Gen. Macarthur5051. 45%

Giporlos1, 0923. 13%

Guiuan2, 9338. 40%

Hernani8692. 49%

Jipapad3150. 90%

Lawaan9532. 73%

Llorente1, 3093. 73%

Maslog400. 11%

Maydolong1, 1543. 31%

Mercedes4591. 31%

Oras3, 1218. 94%

Quinapondan1, 4894. 26%

Salcedo1, 0152. 91%

San Julian1, 2203. 49%

San Policarpo1, 8885. 41%

Sulat1, 3113. 75%

Taft1, 5404. 41%

TOTAL34, 914100. 00%

In Eastern Samar, the highest quantity of indigents enrolled was the Municipality of Borongan with a total of your five, 398 or 15. 46% of the total enrollees which is 34, 914. The lowest range of enrollees came from the Municipality of Maslog with simply 40 enrollees and only zero. 11% in the total enrollees. Table II. Number of Indigents Enrolled in Leyte

Municipality Number Of Indigents EnrolledPercentage

Burauen4, 3143. 61%

Calubian2, 8602. 39%

Dagami2, 6252. twenty percent

Leyte2, 9712. 49%

Palo3, 7473. 14%

Pastrana1, 3561. 14%

Tabontabon6340. 53%

Abuyog5, 8714. 92%

Alang-Alang4, 0943. 43%

Babatngon2, 4742. 07%

Barugo2, 5302. 12%

Capoocan2, 5722. 15%

Tabango2, 6152. 19%

Villaba1, 7131. 43%

Carigara3, 4362. 88%

Dulag3, 7553. 14%

Jaro2, 3491. 97%

Javier2, 3811. 99%

Julita1, 81. 00%

La Paz1, 6411. 37%

Mahaplag3, 627...

Recommendations: " Manual of Functioning Procedures. " Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, 2004.

" OWWA Fund Transfer to PhilHealth Exposed. " The Manila Times. March 12, 2004.


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