Patagonia Circumstance Briefing Essay

Patagonia: A Case Briefing

Prepared by Kenny Ruth

In partial fulfillment for Integrated Business Planning I actually

Dr . Michele Govekar

Firm History

With an entrepreneurial spirit by early in his career, Patagonia's founder Yvon Chouinard's tale is truly a story of turning one persons passion in to many individuals lifestyles. From 1957, Chouinard got into the company of by creating his own type of hiking " pitons, ” the pegs hikers use to range the attributes of mountain range or mountain formations. Simply by 1967 he previously partnered with fellow ascending enthusiast Mary Frost and created Chouinard Equipment Ltd. By the early on 1970's, the pair started to be the largest distributor of rising hardware in the usa, while also opening the first Patagonia store in Ventura, Washington dc. (2009)

The name Patagonia is honor to the area of the southern area of Argentina and Chile. As abstract as being a name can get, the overall idea and which means of the brand suits with the perspective of the business. The region offers a vast quantity of environmental differences whether it is land formations, flora present, and the factors that can be skilled. Each big difference that the region offers can be represented by simply various merchandise offerings offered by the brand. (1997)

With an increasing sum of achievement, the 1980's greeted Patagonia with speedy expansion that put the firm on edge. At this time, outdoor fashion was stuck within a drab color scheme – dominated simply by forest greens and soiled browns. Patagonia wanted to give all their look a more nontraditional design with traditional designs and vibrant hues. They wished to maintain all their rugged frame of mind but also wanted to put its own personal wink to the industry. This daring move proved to be excessive growth at one time, with the range being looked at from sector leaders and consumers as more " fashionable” than functional. (1994)

The company was moving to becoming more fashion conscious than being a basic piece for outdoor enthusiasts, advertising more nonsporting apparel compared to the brands more technical offerings. The company's incredible growth stopped in 1991 together with the economic recession triggering some of the brands banks to shut and leading to having to lay down off about 20 percent with their employees. Learning their lesson, Patagonia provides since then manufactured changes regarding internal and external development and that occasionally moderation takes care of. (1994)


When it comes to product development, Patagonia prides itself by making use of three key criteria: top quality, environmental influence, and appearance. Innovation in a market as large and diverse because athletic and outdoor clothes and items is key, and Patagonia is really a front-runner to get innovative items. (1994)

Coming from meticulously finding the most environmentally sound materials to inspecting every design to guarantee excellence, Patagonia is involved straight with all procedures. The company has created strong interactions with cloth manufacturers to create their very own superior fabrics to use in the creation of their apparel – detailing why they can put a hefty cost on their items and for what reason the quality is exceptional. (1994) In the 1990's Patagonia switched from using conventionally grown cotton to organically grown. They will found that the methods for growing traditional cotton used toxic chemicals (pesticides) and dyes had adverse impacts on ground and water. The company learned that costs had been comparable between both strategies, except often. For a breakdown of applying conventional natural cotton as opposed to naturally grown natural cotton and the costs of each, label Exhibit 1 . Patagonia desired to use this part of their manufacturer as leverage against their particular competitors – making an argument that when someone buys coming from Patagonia, they may be doing some thing beneficial for the planet. They wanted to be the role model for additional industry leaders.

An additional positive feature that Patagonia likes to help to make known is that their products happen to be primarily manufactured in the...

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