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п»їPepsiCo came into India in 1989 and has grown to be the country's largest selling food and Beverage Firm. One of the major multinational shareholders in the country, PepsiCo has established a small business which aims to serve the long term dynamic demands of consumers in India. PepsiCo nourishes buyers with a product selection from snacks to healthier eats that deliver joy as well as diet and always, great taste. PepsiCo India's extensive portfolio contains iconic refreshment beverages Pepsi, 7 UP, Mirinda and Mountain Dew, in addition to low calorie options such as Diet plan Pepsi, hydrating and healthy beverages including Aquafina drinking water, isotonic sports drinks - Gatorade, Tropicana 100% fresh fruit juices, and drink based beverages - Tropicana Nectars, Tropicana Twister and Slice, non-carbonated beverage and a new creativity Nimbooz by simply 7Up. Neighborhood brands - Lehar Evervess Soda, Dukes Lemonade and Mangola enhance the diverse variety of brands.

CSR Slogan

Performance With Purpose articulates PepsiCo India's belief that its businesses are intrinsically connected to the community and world that surrounds that. At PepsiCo, we're committed to 'Performance with Purpose' -- achieving organization and financial success while leaving a positive imprint on society

CSR Politicies

Human Durability Policies

Quality & Foodstuff Safety Courses

PepsiCo can be dedicated to generating the most dependable, highest-quality and best-tasting beverages and food in every portion of the world. Expanding and retaining robust foodstuff safety programs is the way we assure basic safety for every package deal, every day in every single market. PepsiCo has thorough internal applications and types of procedures for foodstuff safety. Responsible Marketing

Teaching children sensible eating habits at an early age is a essential part of all their up-bringing. As being a major advertiser, we need to perform our part to help father and mother succeed in this task. Our procedure has been to sign up a leading pair of other meals and beverage companies in agreeing to improve what younger kids are seeing marketed on TV and in other press, such as mags and the internet. Importantly, were doing this in countries around the world where all of us do business today. Naturally, we cannot stop children via seeing the advertising, yet we can make certain that media stations that are many targeted at children carry adverts only for particular products. Coming from PepsiCo's perspective, these are goods that fulfill specific nutrition criteria meant to encourage the intake of healthier food and drinks. The policy covers our entire product portfolio and is also subject to independent compliance monitoring by Accenture. Healthcare Change

PepsiCo ideals the health and well-being of our associates, associates, customers and consumers. PepsiCo offers a variety of benefits that encourages health and fitness, promotes diet and weight loss and gives associates and their people tools and information to make educated health-related decisions. Environmental Sustainability Guidelines

PepsiCo is definitely committed to for being an environmentally responsible corporate citizen. We express that dedication in our Environmental Policy and also other policies associated with Environmental Complying and Durability, a few of which are described much more detail under. PepsiCo's Environmental Policy

PepsiCo's Environmental Coverage applies to all our operations. PepsiCo monitors company-owned operations and joint endeavors where all of us hold a majority share. We encourage each of our suppliers, providers, bottlers and also other partners to adhere to the insurance plan. Sustainable Cultivation Policy

We have developed and published our Global Sustainable Agriculture Policy, which displays our way of sustainable expansion across our entire agriculture supply cycle, including drinking water savings, spend reuse, soil protection and chemical work with. Sustainable Presentation Policy

We certainly have launched a global sustainable product packaging policy and formed a Sustainable Packaging Council (SPC). This a comprehensive team contains leaders from our...


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