Outline Dissertation




CEL 2233



Name: Nabilah Bt Nor Asikin

Matric Number: DCE 121129

Section Number: six

Name In the Lecturer: Miss Hanim Bt Mohammad


Topic: Extra Co-Curricular Actions Cause Learners To Overlook Their Academic Responsibilities.

General Statement: In era the positive effect, the Minister of Education in Malaysia has highlighted that students must take part in extra co-curricular activities to assist students whom are weakened in scholars. Thesis Affirmation: These are three reasons to disagree that extra co-curricular actions cause students neglect to their academic tasks. Topic Phrase 1: First of all, extra co-curricular activities trigger students neglect to their educational responsibilities because student do not know how to split their time. Supporting Details:

• they just do not know how to break down time with family

• extra classes

• and their activities co-curricular.

Topic Sentence in your essay 2: Limitation is one of the reasons why extra co-curricular activities make students neglect to their academic responsibilities. Assisting Details:

• limitation in study

• limitation in joining activity club

• limitation in join activity outdoor

Subject Sentence 3: The final reason to disagree that scholar prohibitively busy with university activities co-curricular until they neglect all their academic obligations. Supporting Specifics:

• since not have the perfect time to focus study

• for the reason that environment such as their include big family members • since too much work from home a lot to help

Rebut: Inspite of the disadvantage of extra co-curricular actions cause scholar neglect all their academic obligations some people believe because people think that student merely waste their time when their become a member of that. Counter-top Argument: It really is true...

Recommendations: http://www.guardian.co.uk/higher-education-network/blog/2013/jan/22/student-development-university-curriculum-design



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