Essay regarding OBU ACCA BSC Hons RAP about Topic almost 8 - The company and Financial Performance of your Organization on the three yr period

Research and Analysis Project


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Honda Atlas Automobiles [Pak] Limited

Research and Analysis Job

Project Goals and Research Approach:

The topic I picked for my personal BSc HIP HOP is ‘The Business and Financial Performance of an Firm over a 3 year period. '

Reasons behind choosing the Subject:

For any corporation to breath of air it is essential it copes with environment through its strong points and approaches and manages finance efficiently. An company Business & Financial overall performance plays a top role in deciding where it stands in the industry. Therefore I chose this kind of topic as it is even more important to know an company performance within a Global Economical meltdown the moment markets had been declining. Much more, this has been difficulties part of my own studies and i also had a chance to enhance my own knowledge and develop useful skills inside the area.

Factors behind choosing the Market:

I chose automobile industry as it is a major sector of the country having a main contribution to the economy.

Second of all, I wanted to be aware of about difficulties being encountered by the car sector during the financial crisis.

Additionally, I was inquisitive to know regarding the key players of the market and to find out about one's efficiency.

Reason for choosing the Company:

Honda Atlas is a joint venture between Honda Motor Company Asia and the Atlas Group of Firms Pakistan. The business incorporated about 20 years before in 1992. The reason I chose this Company is that it is are actually leading carmakers in Pakistan having a strong share in overall auto industry. One more was the fascination with the brand.

As it is a listed Company at all the Stock Exchanges of the country, easy access to the F/S was one more to choose.

Honda Atlas Autos [Pak] Ltd


Exploration and Research Project

Project Aims and Objectives:


I try to achieve the subsequent objectives: Executing the economical analysis ofHACPL in order to: п‚· Know how successful it has been in generating earnings and protecting and controlling costs inside the relevant periodby analysing success of the Organization. п‚· Examine the short-term liquidity of the Company through the financial crunch. п‚· Understand the impact of its capital structure about its long lasting solvency. п‚· Analysing Business activities' impact on its working capital management. п‚· Understand the effect of the operations around the investor`s assurance and share cost volatility.

Carrying out business examination of the Company to:

п‚· Obtain an understanding of the effect of the exterior pressures for the internal functions and plans.

п‚· Look at the competitive pressures becoming faced by the Company.

Honda Atlas Cars [Pak] Ltd

Research and Analysis Task

Research Concerns:








How can I employ my time in order to full my project within period? What options for information am i going to access to gain the necessary information? What types will be used to be able to achieve targets of my own RAP? Which ratios will probably be calculated and interpreted pertaining to the monetary analysis? What models needs to be used to target my objective for the company analysis? Exactly what the required THIS skills?

What ethical concerns I might face during the study?

Research Strategy:

To trigger I will collect general advice about the Automobile market to gain an...

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