Midterm Assessment: Purchasing and Materials Administration Essay


Shawn A. Glen

Midterm Examination

ASCM 626: Purchasing and Materials Administration

Fall 2014


For a getting operation to work it must adhere to some key points. A getting operation must identify the needs of the consumer, effectively and efficiently assess the needs of the user, and identify suppliers that will meet the needs of the use. They must also develop agreements with those suppliers, develop buying mechanism together with the suppliers and ensure payment happens promptly and determine the fact that need with the user was met.

The key points for a getting operation to be effective are: Source Continuity

Controlling the sourcing process

Develop Supply base management

Develop Aligned Goals with inner stakeholders

Develop integrated purchasing strategies that support organizational goals and objective

The first a key point of a getting operation is always to confirm to its internal customers. Idea is find out as source continuity which implies that the purchasing operations must focus on the internal customer first and foremost, " More often than not, purchasing facilitates the need of perorations through the getting services, raw materials, components, subassemblies, and repair and maintenance items. ” (Monczka, 2011, pg. 42) The internal buyer must be the first responsibility of the purchasing department. Getting must support its interior customer initial or the process will not be successful and the corporation will suffer.

The second key point is handling the finding process. Which means that purchasing must determine staffing needs, budgets, schooling, and methods to enhance the purchasing devices and staff. The organization must ensure that if perhaps they have limited resources these resources will be being employed to maximize their very own organization or perhaps increase the solutions to meet the requirements. If there is a great deal of resources (employees and funding) it is essential that they can do not misappropriate it, making sure the employees happen to be professional and properly trained and that the price range is determined and carefully balanced.

The third key point is expanding supply bottom management. This can be one of the most significant objectives from the purchasing process because its primary responsibility is to choose and maintain the supplier of their products/services. The business must " select suppliers that meet up with purchase and gratification requirement” (Monczka, 2011, pg. 43). Suppliers are essential since the reputation of a business is shown upon the product/services that is certainly produced. The caliber of the product/service will be based off of the supplier that assist in or produces the items, and it might not always be advantageous to an organization to have a provider that is not capable of meeting all their qualifications. Purchasing will have to analysis all suppliers and ensure that they will be in superb standings inside the market and therefore are willing to working with purchasing to enhance the product/service without hesitation.

The fourth key point should be to develop desired goals that are lined up with inside stakeholders. Inside stakeholders occasionally refer to because internal clients. They play an integral part of the purchasing procedure because they understand the course of the firm and will be superb in helping purchasing to meet these goals.

The 6th key point should be to develop integrated purchasing tactics that support organizational objectives. In order for an organization to function, its goals and objectives must be met. If purchasing is not supported with these types of goals and objectives either the organization is going to fail or purchasing can, " it is usually the case that supply management does not develop tactics and programs that line-up with or perhaps support organizational strategies or the plans of other business functions. ” (Monczka, 2011, pg. 44) To avoid using a failing department or a company, purchasing need to ensure...


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