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Dual branding - the association of several already well known trademarks within a synergistic selling setting made to benefit each - is one of the fastest developing areas in franchising. В DualВ Branding has become a craze in the marketing arena, with companies seeing that isolation can be not all things considered the best policy. Dual Marketing is quite effective such that:

Many line extensions capitalize over a partner's company equity. Brand extensionВ success prices are maximized in the new market the moment co-branded with the reputed company that has founded in that marketplace. Co-branding might help usage extension.

Image reinforcement may take place due to co-branding.

Loyalty programs increasingly contain co-branding plans. The businesses are posting the cost of dedication programs; consequently, the marketing costs to the companies are decreasing. Co-branding signs a operate marketing operation.

Capitalizing on the synergies among a number of brands is yet another advantage of co-branding. (blog, 2007)

There are a few disadvantages including:

-Brand Cannibalization

-Difficult to handle two distinct brands, as a result of splitting in Ad use. -Possibility of blurring brand identity inside the eyes of the consumer. -Duplication of tasks of the corporates. (Kumar, 2012)

Some examples of dual personalisation are:

Toyota and Tuning.

The Toyota brand can introduce Safety Connect in select Toyota models, helping bring it is drivers an extra peace of mind. Lexus will expose Lexus Enform with Safety Connect, a service built within the foundation of valuable safety and security providers with the added layer of more convenience-oriented features and specialized advanced technologies. (Group, 2010)

Greatest coupe and Future Shop.

A few days ago Co. is the largest consumer electronics retailer canada. It just takes place that most of its sales are originating from its Future Shop business. A couple of years back, because it acquired Upcoming Shop for $377 million, it was assumed the parent company would re-brand the 91 stores it purchased within the Best Buy banner, reports the Pioneer Press. Instead, Best Buy chosen to forego standard wisdom and operate the two competing partitions separately and in at least one case, putting retailers directly down the street from one another. (Anderson, 2003) What did Best Buy learn from its experience with dual company strategy in Canada? Even though it was a new experience for the Best Acquire International staff to apply a dual- brand technique it was the right opportunity to put into action such strategy due to the condition in the Canadian market. In Canada, there was only one big gamer which was Upcoming shop with only experienced 15% talk about; therefore they will knew there is a space to get a second main player. The most crucial thing they will learned is to be aware that market segments often have other ways of being acknowledged. In this case, that they learned it from the dual-brand strategy they used because both shops; Best Buy and Future Shop offered several consumer activities. Best Buy is definitely characterized by " higher tendency towards self- service; non-commissioned sales personnel; greater variety of ready- manufactured electronics packages; wider areas and more interactive displays; higher ratio of female buyers, seeking to incorporate products into their lifestyles; buyers with larger incomes and higher amounts of education”. In the meantime Future store wants to display " entrusted sales personnel guiding the consumer by providing personalized, trusted and personalized way; tech savvy, early adopters looking for the very best deal; consumer bottom more diverse”. What they learned is that customers behave in a different way, therefore applying dual- manufacturer...


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