Legalization of Prostitution Exploration Paper



The legal right to be free from self applied and inappropriate and inhuman or degrading treatment is recognized by many nations which is internationally certain. Women and children working in the sex sector are repeatedly subject to rape, violence, and sexually sent diseases. The current system of prosecuting and jailing these girls has been useless in lowering the against the law activities. These issues can be dealt with by legalizing and regulating the prostitution industry. Through the use of Nevada wherever brothels happen to be legal as a model for the rest of the country improving strict polices can better protect all those victimized by the industry.

Legalization of Prostitution

Prostitution is often known as the planet's oldest job.  According to a survey done by ABC News Primary time 15% of all American men have taken care of sex and 30% of single guys over the age of 40 have paid to get sex (" POLL: American Sex Survey - HURUF News", 2004). The sexual intercourse industry is definitely one that influences many American citizens. The Countrywide Task Power on Prostitution suggests that over one million persons in the US been employed by as prostitutes in the United States, or about 1% of American women" (Prostitution in the usa - The Statistics, 2007). Presently prostitution can be illegal by Federal law Title 18 Part My spouse and i Ch. 117 Sec. 2422 under " Coercion and Enticement” and may carry up to and including 20 year prison sentence (" Title 18 United States Code Crimes and Criminal Procedure", n. g. ). There are numerous arguments why prostitution will need to remain illegal. The three most crucial being that sexual intercourse work boosts violence and crime, distributes communicable disorders like STDs and AIDs, and that love-making for money is definitely immoral. Nevertheless , by legalizing and controlling this taboo industry it might ultimately ensure that the women concerning it. The most common cause of opposition to sex work is that this increases assault and crime. For example Melissa Farley creator of " Prostitutes happen to be regularly Victims of Violence” states those of 854 persons in prostitution in eight countries 71% experienced physical assaults and 62% reported rapes (2006, p. 27).  It is definitely staggering to consider that two out of every 3 people in the sex sector are physically assaulted and/or raped. While the customers are a source of danger for these ladies pimps may also be the cause of assault and crime against sexual workers. Kathleen Barry, mcdougal of The Prostitution of Libido stated that " Pimps ultimately continue to keep prostituted females in virtual captivity by simply verbal abuse - producing a woman think that she is utterly worthless: a toilet, a piece of rubbish; and by physical coercion - beatings as well as the threat of torture. Eighty to 92 percent of most prostitution can be pimp-controlled” (1996, p. 81). It appears that only the prostitutes themselves are the patients of physical violence. " In 1994, females in the sex industry had been identified as one of three populations most requiring specialized solutions, primarily as a result of the assault inflicted upon them resulting from their work” (Farley, 2000). It is crystal clear from the facts and qualified testimonies that being a prostitute is a dangerous job where they can commonly expect to be beaten and raped. When violence can be an issue that directly impacts the prostitutes themselves society faces a greater problem with the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases. Gail Pheterson summarized the " health problems of ladies in prostitution: exhaustion, repeated viral illness, STDs, genital infections, backside aches, sleeping disorders, depression, head aches, stomachaches, and eating disorders” (1996, s. 12). Whilst it is difficult to know the precise number of sexual intercourse workers that have or are moving on Sexually transmitted diseases and Supports it is a prevalent belief there is a greater likelihood a prostitute will have these diseases. It makes sense, Janice Raymond PhD, the previous Co-Executive Representative of the Parti Against Trafficking in Women, says " In one of CATW's studies, U. S. women in...

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