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Presentation expertise


Component 6

Subwoofer module your five:

Session objectives

Presentation expertise

At the end in the training session, students will be able to: Conserve the interest in the audience when ever presenting a session Use the ideal teaching methods and styles for the audience Explain the important aspects of good demonstration skills

Time for you to complete subwoofer module Training materials

45 minutes PowerPoint business presentation (PPT38) Activity sheet (AS32) Handout (HO38) Question field Getting the focus of the market Maintaining their particular interest Choosing appropriate display styles The four important communication designs Non-verbal connection Overcoming nerves Personal style Selecting ideal audio-visual assists


Period instructions

1 . Activity: Select few work (15 minutes). l Ask the trainees to create small organizations and to write down ideas examples of a good presentation they have seen and examples of a poor presentation. Ask them to write these up on the worksheet supplied in AS32 l The trainer can refer to the copy of AS32 by the end of this session plan m Bring the group back together and ask each group to briefly present their very own examples d Comment that whenever you think about what presentations you possessed liked, you probably thought of a number of different presenters with quite different styles


Module 6. Subwoofer module your five


Display skills

Label the illustrations during the PowerPoint presentation of what makes a fantastic presentation 2 . Lecture with PowerPoint business presentation (PPT38). d Ask the group what they can see wrong with glide 24. Several answers are in slide 25 3. Request the group if they may have any questions and be reminded about the " problem box”. m

Activity (AS32):

Think about a number of the good and poor presentations you have found. This may had been at work, at school or university, or perhaps at exclusive functions. In small teams, use the worksheet below to record those that have made them very good or poor.

Things that made delivering presentations good or made me keep in mind the information

Issues that produced presentations uninteresting or helped me forget the data


Module 6. Subwoofer module your five

Presentation expertise


Module six

Sub component 5:

Treatment objectives At the conclusion of the training session, trainees should be able to: Maintain the interest of the viewers when showing a session Utilize the appropriate instructing techniques and fashions for the audience Describe quite elements of great presentation expertise

Presentation expertise

Presentation expertise

Some people happen to be naturally interesting and entertaining speakers, nevertheless there are some abilities that any person can discover how to help them present information. These kinds of have been broken down into a series of " microskills” to make them easier to find out.

Getting attention

As talked about in the subwoofer module in session organizing, one of the capabilities of the initial part of the period is to gain the attention in the trainees. Ways that the trainer can gain attention are: l Detailing how the program is relevant to the trainees t Asking the trainees their expectations in the session l Providing a peaceful and open up learning environment l Applying humour or an activity since an ice-breaker l Applying novelty, selection or surprise in the introduction l Utilizing a case study or telling a story relevant to the problem of the students l Using interesting photographs or audiovisual aids at the outset of the session l Using a quiz to recognize gaps in knowledge

Preserving interest

For adult surfers to focus on learning, they need to stay interested throughout the session. To do this the trainees need to identify the relevance of the period and be able to participate in it. The session needs to be presented within an interesting method. Ways in which the trainer will help trainees to be interested consist of: l ‘Personalise' the demonstration by smiling, making fixing their gaze and dealing with trainees by name the moment interacting l Keep the subject matter relevant and...

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Module 6. Sub module 5


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