Will Bury Business Proposal Essay

Will certainly Bury Business Proposal


May you, 2011


With the current economic state, staying competitive and raising profit is critical to retaining a healthy organization. Mr. Will Bury is rolling out proprietary technology that will allow him to convert printed text into a digital format for reading, or perhaps audio from attending. Because Mr. Bury keeps the obvious on his digital and audio tracks converting technology, his business is considered a monopoly. This kind of creates a hurdle of entrance to competitors and gives Mister. Bury an edge. However , although he has had his business for a few years, this individual has not been capable to make that profitable enough to allow him to quit his full time job. Additionally , he is not clear on how to industry or price his product, (University of Phoenix, 2003). This paper will attempt to provide basic recommendations for increasing revenue, achieving suitable production amounts, adjusting fixed and variable costs to optimize profit, and identifying techniques to reduce costs. Dialogue

Increasing Income and Achieving Great Production Amounts

Because Mr. Bury is definitely operating in a monopolistic structure, his require curve is definitely downward sloping; the quantity required increases while the price lessens. Mr. Hide will need to identify the price firmness of with regard to his merchandise. He will be able to maximize his profit by creating up to the result where limited revenue means marginal cost, (MR = MC), (McConnell, Brue, Flynn, 2009). He will however , have to include the opportunity cost of his $200, 000/year salary as well as benefits when calculating his total expense. Opportunity value is " the cost of the next-highest-valued alternative usage of that source, ” according to The Henderson (2010) website.

Mr. Bury will also ought to budget for marketing costs to advertise his product to customers. This will always be even more important as the expiration pertaining to his obvious nears. Differentiating his product from his competitors because more companies enter the market will be...

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