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Hyponyms, Meronyms, Homonyms, and Synonyms

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Hyponymy can be the relationship between hyponyms. Hyponyms is the word the meaning ofwhich may be said to be a part of that of one more word. For example:

-Rose is actually a hyponym of flower

-Spinster is a hyponym of girl

Hyponym is transitive. Spud is a kind of vegetables, and vegetable is a kind of plant. Potato is additionally a hyponym of plants as we know potato is a kind of plant. If A is a hyponym of B, a is a kind of B. Meronymy is the relationship between meronyms. Meronyms is a part-whole relationshipbetween lexical things. For example:

-Finger is a meronym of side

-Cover and page are meronyms of book

Times is a meronym of Y if Xs are parts of Y(s), or X is a meronym of Y if perhaps Xs will be members of Y(s). Such as a page is usually part of a book, or a book has web pages.

Homonyms are distinct words that happen to be pronounced the same, but have several meanings. If the same expression has different meanings, all of us call it polysemous. Homonyms and polysemy may create ambiguity. An expression can be ambiguous in the event more than one that means can be designated to that.

Synonymy is definitely the relationship between synonyms. Synonyms are words which sound several, but have similar or practically the same connotations and therefore may well often be taken interchangeably.

Among the synonyms is a words cat and feline. Each explains any relation Felidae. Likewise, if we discuss a long time or perhaps an extended time, very long, andextended become alternatives.

More examples of English language synonyms are:

-Baby and infant (noun)

-Student and pupil (noun)

-Pretty and appealing (adjective)

-Sick and sick (adjective)

-Interesting and fascinating (adjective)

-Quickly and speedily (adverb)

Collocation Data

On this page you can find a couple of short email lists of collocations to give you more of an idea information. Many great learner's dictionaries show collocations associated with specific words. There are also dictionaries of collocations, though these are more difficult to find. A lot of common verbs

have| do| make

possess a bath

have a drink

have fun

have a haircut

include a holiday

have trouble

have a relationship

loaf on the job for a while

have lunchtime

have sympathy| do business

do nothing

do somebody a prefer

do the cooking

do the household chores

do the shopping

do the washing up

do your best

do your hair

perform your homework| make a difference

produce a mess

make a mistake

make a noise

make the effort

make furniture

make money

make progress

produce room

make trouble

take| break| catch

take a break

take a chance

take a look

take a rest

take it easy

take a cab

take a great exam

take notes

take someone's place

take they've temperature| break a habit

break a leg

break a assure

break a list

break a window

break someone's heart

break the ice

break the law

break the news to someone

break the rules| catch a ball

get a coach

catch a chill

catch a cold

get a thief

catch open fire

catch view of

get someone's focus

catch a person's eye

catch the flu virus

pay| save| keep

shell out a fine

give consideration

pay simply by credit card

pay cash

shell out interest

pay out someone a compliment

shell out someone a visit

spend the bill

spend the price

pay your respects| save electrical energy

save strength

save money

save one's durability

save someone a chair

save someone's life

preserve something into a disk

preserve space

conserve time

may well avoid the trouble| keep a diary

keep a guarantee

keep a secret

retain an appointment

continue to keep calm

manage all

keep in touch

keep quiet

keep someone's place

keep the alter

come| go| get

come close


come direct

come early on

come first

come into view

come last

come late

can occur time

arrive prepared

come right back

come second

come to a compromise

come to a decision

arrive to an arrangement

come to the end

come to a standstill

come to terms with

arrive to a total of

come under attack| go...


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