how to get work decrpition completed Essay


Surname: Cooke

Forename(s): Chayce

Date of Birth: 11/02/1992

Gender: Female

Present Address: 25 east cliff



Content Code: CT19 6BU

Contact information (Home) 01303211073

Contact number (Mobile) 07585570051_

E-mail: chayce. [email protected] co. uk

National Insurance Quantity: JR 84 19 76 A

I pride me personally to be confident, outgoing & friendly. I feel that I work effectively in groups but also just as well independently. Whatever jobs I are given I actually put all my effort into and believe that I am skilled at learning new concepts quickly, working well under pressure, and communicating tips clearly and effectively. I am self-motivated and committed to any responsibilities or function I are given. I usually like to make sure all my function is done into a high regular and imagine I am very prepared. I i am currently studying with the open up universty to secure a BSC Honours degree in Crimiongly & Physcologly. In my spare time i like to spend time with as well as my spouse and his child havibg times out and so forth I are very excited about travelling and love understanding different countries and ethnicities and might consider me personally very permissive.

You should give the titles and address of two referees certainly one of whom ought to be your present as well as last workplace. Referees must not be related to you.

1) Present or previous employer

Name of organization / specific: Charles Adam Developments


Jason/Kelly Moody

Charles James Development Services

Leyland Plantation

Hockely Kent SS5 6AJ

Contact number:

Email: [email protected] co. uk

Work Title: admin assistant

Rate of pay: almost eight. 00

Period of employment: Via: july 2009 To: september 10

Reason for leaving: approach

(No strategy will be designed to your present employer before an offer of job is made to you. )

Simple description of tasks as well as activities, the skills you utilized and/or learned in all those jobs.

Responding to the telephone in a friendly manner and re-directing calls. We deal with renters, enquires and liaise with outside agencies. Other duties include photocopying, faxing and e-mailing. The tiny work experience I have had in this field, That stuff seriously it has helped me develop transferable skills that grant myself versatility inside the work place. I love working with customers/clients and I are committed to providing a high level of customer/clientele support.

Reference number a couple of

Name / Company: The priory group UK

That they are seen to you: workplace


Wolverton The courtroom

Alkham Area RD

Contact Number: 08452873856


Short description of tasks as well as activities, the skill sets you applied and/or discovered in those jobs in the event you knew these people as a worker.

In my time here We created a huge and arrayed skill foundation in working with autism, learning disabilities and severe difficult behaviour. I have had lots of training in these kinds of fields along with experience and feel assured in working with such persons. Here We helped service users to have independently carrying out daily living responsibilities such as washing, cooking and general household chores, We also helped service users to live as part of the community; helping them to show up at clubs and get involved with buying the household meals and their very own person clothes etc . My spouse and i also advanced to as being a key support worker and therefore I was in charge of doing life-style assessments, conduct data and arranging activity programmes, nutritional and monetary needs. Through this role I had to liaise with doctors, physiatrists, medication companies, interaction centres, households and other numerous outside agencies which has presented me the confidence and ability to be able to directly speak vital information to help support individuals with problems to live on their own and have numerous chances in life as possible. I had been also a shift/team leader...


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