Family Tragedy Plan and Personal Survival Guidebook Essay

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FamilyDiego Region Office Personal Survival Guide

Family Devastation Plan and private

Survival Guidebook

Family Devastation Plan and Personal Survival Information


Family Group meetings

At least once a year, have a meeting with your friends and family to discuss boost your devastation plan. Figure out what additional training, equipment, and supplies happen to be needed to fulfill your family's needs. Make sure you practice! Occasional drills may improve reaction time and assist to avoid panic in an genuine emergency. A. Know how and where to shut down utilities.

Area of Key Water Valve:

Location of Gas Valve*:

Location of Wrench:

Site of Brooklyn garage door Manual Override:

Location of Other Utilities:

* Will not shut off gas unless you suspect a flow exists.

B. On a individual sheet of paper, pull a floor prepare of your home showing the location of exit doors and windows, utility shutoffs, first aid system, and crisis supplies. Assure EVERYONE within your household knows it. Present it to babysitters and house guests when you're heading.

C. Reunion locations: Build two places where you and your family can easily meet following an emergency. A single immediately beyond your home, elizabeth. g. a neighbor's mail box, or community park AND another web page outside of your immediate community in case you are not able to return home.

Home Site:

Away-from-Home Location:

D. Out-of-State Contact: Name and phone number of a person outside of the state of hawaii for family people to call up and survey their area and condition. Everyone should memorize this kind of number! Name:


Mobile phone: (


E. What is your children's school disaster insurance plan?

Are medical consent forms for your children complete and current? Where are they located?

F. Put together a House Emergency Source Kit. Store it within a convenient and accessible area. See Section VII to get details on points to put in your home Emergency Source Kit. Area of House Emergency Source Kit:



Relatives Disaster Program and Personal Your survival Guide


A. Learn how to safeguard yourself coming from falling things, smoke, flames, toxic smells, etc . M. Learn 1st Aid/CPR

Person(s) Trained:


Date Teaching Expires:


Date Schooling Expires:


There are many different sorts of disasters, just like earthquakes, fire, floods, airplane crashes, substance spills, and explosions, which usually seldom offer warning and can be equally disastrous to their patients. Although this guide is mainly about earthquake preparation, things you take will help your household prepare for any sort of disaster that can strike in the region. For additional information about local devastation preparedness for your home, college, and business visit

A. Enroll your cell phone, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone, and email address with AlertSanDiego*. Detailed and unlisted landlines happen to be registered. Registering makes it more likely that you will obtain an emergency notification. Registration is quick and simple. *Also available in attainable formats such as American Indication Language. W. Download the SD Emergency App intended for Android and iOS equipment. C. Check your home. Recognize potential risks and evacuation routes. Deb. Secure water heater and tall or large furniture to wall studs. E. Push heavy what to lower cabinets in bookcases.

F. Install clips, latches and other locking devices about cabinet gates. G. Present strong support and flexible links on gas appliances. They would. Remove or perhaps isolate and secure flammable materials.

I actually. Review and practice this plan.


A. In case you are indoors STAY THERE. Move away from windows, bookcases, and high/overhanging shelving. Get under a sturdy stand or workplace and hold onto it. Be prepared to move with it and HOLD that position until the shaking halts and it is secure to transfer. If there is zero desk or table to get below, brace...


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