Environment: Issues and Problems in Cold weather Power Generation Essay

Environment: Concerns and Difficulties in Thermal Power Technology

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Environment: Issues and Challenges in Thermal Electricity Generation

P. R. Shukla, IIM Ahmedabad

1 . Introduction Development of electric power sector has a direct relationship with monetary development of the nation (Ferguson, Ross et. ing. 2000; Samouilidis, J. Elizabeth. and Mitropoulos, C. H., 1984; Yang, 1998; Cheng, B. H. and Lai, T. T. 1997; Strict, D. We., 2000; Sajal Ghosh, 2000). Figure 1 ) 1 reveals in India with the growth of GDP, how a electricity ingestion, energy intake and carbon dioxide emission has exploded. Figure 1 . 1: Strength, Electricity, Carbon dioxide and Financial Growth

In the figure, good correlation in the GDP expansion and the electricity consumption could be observed. As seen in the figure, post 1990s the carbon emitted from the electric power sector offers reduced. As well, the consumption of electrical power has growth at the bigger rate than that of GDP. In the next handful of sections we will try to synthesize what is going to be the partnership between GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT, Electricity consumption and environment in the future (Till year 2030). The focus will be on the power plants. After assessing the partnership between GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT, power sector and emissions we can enumerate the various instruments which the government of India can easily formulate to regulate the power sector and environment. 2 . Power Sector of India Power is a important infrastructure intended for economic creation and bettering the quality of life. For this reason, Electric power has been given due importance by policy company that gave you India seeing that independence. Seeing that independence the generating ability has increased from 1 . 362 GW to 100GW in 2002. Over 500000 towns have been electrified. These are accomplishments in themselves. However , there have been selected problems. A number of the problems are the per capita consumption of power features stayed low (350 kWh); The State Electrical energy Boards (SEBs) are making big losses; the electricity prices are substantial etc . For this reason India has started power sector reforms coming from early nineties. In India, Power can be described as concurrent subject matter. Thus, the center and the state are in charge of for growing power sector. In nineties after opening of the electrical power sector, various private players also committed to power technology. Pre nineties private players were present only in certain urban centers like Kolkata (Calcutta Electrical energy Supply Company), Ahmedabad (Ahmedabad Electricity Company), Mumbai (BSES and Tata) etc . The private reveal in 2002 has gone about around 10% of the installed capacity. The central share is around thirty percent and the relax 60% can be capacity installed by the SEBs and Express Departments. Yet , in terms of extra capacities each year, after 1990s the personal sector have been almost comparable to that of condition and center. In 2002, the addition capacities of state,


Environment: Concerns and Challenges in Heat Power Era

P. L. Shukla, IIM Ahmedabad

center and private sector were respectively 1394 MW, 905 MW and 816 MW. Determine 2 . one particular shows the change in title pattern in Power Sector. Figure installment payments on your 1: Control Pattern in Power Sector

Source: SEB 2002 Historically, Indian electrical power sector has been dominated by coal because the main fuel source of power. The installed ability of fossil fuel based electric power plants moved up coming from 7. 508 GW four decades ago to 62. 655 GW in 2001. Hydro electrical power is the next important fuel source for India. It absolutely was 6. 35 GW back in 1971 (40% of total capacity) which went up to 15 GW (25 % of the total capacity in the year 2001. From your 1990s, Gas is growing as one of the picked fuel type. Renewables can be found in the form of wind flow, solar, bio mass etc, but it signifies less than five per cent of the set up capacity. Number 2 . a couple of: Fuel Blend Generation Capability

Source: SEB 2002

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Sources: P. L. Shukla, IIM Ahmedabad

IPCC, 1996


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