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RBIC Night time – Principles of Marketing

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You will be the consultant and will provide the specialist service to the customer that needs suggestions on the company/product/service. The first thing you must do is to recognize the following standard marketing data for the company/product/service.

I possess selected to write on the issues of Marketing Approach, SWOT analysis and Target Market Selection because they are the subject areas that have interested me and are also very exact points of Advertising. These topics can describe a provider's existence and how they decide to grow, what they have done to date to expand, their methods of Marketing and more details to the previously discussed.

The company I use looked into and will also be presenting the different topics mentioned previously is the well-renowned social networking firm/site built with a method for people to get in touch with their loved ones and find new friends, commonly known as Facebook . com. I have selected this company/business as it is growing rapidly and was inquisitive, rather more interested to find out their marketing qualities and system of their solutions.


Marketing Strategy

The company/website name is usually pretty much self-explanatory, defines the services and share an idea to the consumers and users of Facebook. An e book to see fresh and/or familiar faces yet again and connect with fellow individuals. The company offers over a billion users all around the world and is undoubtedly a growing business that has involved a whole lot of marketing and marketing strategies also getting the reason behind the success of the claims.

Marketing Strategies used by Facebook consist of:

1 . Advertising

- Facebook permits any company and individual organization or even virtually any FB user for that matter that may have products to offer available to start a fan page as well as business site / group online watchable by possibly the world or perhaps only a particular group of persons based on the chosen privacy placing. FB will prompt and attract these types of page owners with a services also known as their particular marketing campaign. All their company or services specifics and backlinks would be obvious on the side -panel of their wanted target market segments (including grow older, gender or location) surfing page at all times as an advert which might eventually get consumers to simply click them. The consumers in that case eventually get connected and the business would revenue through product sales. FB makes its income by charging a small first fee pertaining to setting up the campaign after which charging who owns the site a certain value for each period a consumer clicks on the ad.

2 . Gaming platform for game fans

- The company generates nearly 10% of their profits coming from games (Zygna and others) and is very likely to draw brand new game applications, which enable sharing from the network. The gaming system is incredibly famous between youngsters and teens which have been willing to put money into in-game items. The system essentially allows the users to once again meet and communicate with new people. This is one of the major reasons Facebook's business model is targeted on advertising and marketing. SWOT Evaluation


• One of many top and leading online communities in the world • The simplistic up-to-date layout makes it more user-friendly and users can easily and easily view profiles of friends which has a single clicks • Converted into more than 70 international languages • Sharing is incredibly easy regarding the website while friends can certainly share and comment on images which makes it an exciting element


• Due to the innovative idea in changing the look of Facebook every from time to time, many problems regarding the use just like bugs and problems that users may face while...

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