diabetes epidemiology Essay

Diabetes Epidemiology

Sept 29, 2014NUR/408


The following analysis of diabetes is intended to show the role of epidemiology in the surveillance and prevention of diabetes within the African American community. The assessment defines and shows the purpose of epidemiology in addition to the tools utilized in the study of the condition. This includes the epidemiological triangle which helps in setting out the levels of prevention intended for diabetes within the African American community. Diabetes is known as a serious problem in the African American community. According to Bailey(2007) diabetes is considered the fifth leading source of death intended for African People in the usa between the age range of 45 and 64. The diabetes problem is as well the third leading cause of fatality for individuals older than 65 (Bailey, 2007, g. 1). The seriousness of these statistics demonstrates that diabetes is actually a disease necessitating significant attention in the Dark-colored community. Epidemiological studies are needed to be able to direct health care in the Dark-colored community and to provide effective interventions made to reducing the prevalence and incidence prices of diabetes amongst Africa Americans. Description and Purpose of Study

The purpose of epidemiology is to study disease and as an instrument for community health. It performs this kind of function through a series of steps: Search for determinants- A search intended for causes and factors that influence public well-being such as disease or risky behaviors such as drug work with. Study of events- Health related states or perhaps events need to be studied, just like chronic diseases, injuries, birth defects, maternal-child wellness, occupational wellness, environmental overall health, and behaviors. Control of disease-Using data coming from determinants and events, a conclusion can be attracted to stop or perhaps control the illness. Application of data- The epidemiological data can be applied to community health and may be used to deter, prevent, and inform the community against further issues (UAB, 2012) The...

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