Algorithm: Flowchart and Trailer Record Exploration Paper

Student Name Syed Haseeb Hashmi

Registration # FA11-BCS-075

Course Title Design and Analysis of Algorithm Project # one particular

Submitted To Sir Tanveer Ahmed Siddiqui

Due Date 19-03-2013

For Unusual Role Amount Group

Q1. How does a flowchart support a programmer in a system development? Ans. Flowcharts give the visual portrayal of a concept and inform you. A movement chart is a blueprint of the program. Flowcharts will help a developer organize his or her thoughts in a logical buy and their demonstration. Program expansion without design may be ineffectve. In big projects this gets challenging to keep items together. Flowcharts provide versatility, so that you can produce changes and restructure the project because you move even more and, in accordance to requirement. Flowcharts work as a guide during the analysis and program expansion phase. Additionally they are also helpful in debugging method. Q2. Draw a flowchart of the rational steps required to produce a imprinted listing of all students over the age of 20 within a class. The input data contain the brand and regarding the students. Assume a sentinel value of 99 for the age discipline of the movie trailer record. Sol.

Q3. The first twenty records in a data set are to be go through and branded. Draw a flowchart to get the criteria to do this work. Make sure that the processing prevents after the 20th record. Terrain.

Q4. Pertaining to the employees issue of Query 40 ( even group Q3), we wish to count and print the number of only men employees in the age group of 25 to 30. Assume that the input records include SexCode and Age domains to provide this info. Draw a flowchart pertaining to the protocol to perform this job. Encanto.

Q5. A couple of examination papers, which have been graded with ratings form zero to 75 is to be searched to find how many of them will be above 90. The total must be printed. Prepare a flowchart to do this job. Believe a suitable sentinel value to get the truck record. Encanto.

Q6. A shopkeeper really wants to have an over-all program for his personal computer system, which will prepare bills for each customer when he provides goods to them. His idea is that as soon as the buyer purchases some goods via his store, he will supply the description, device price, plus the quantity purchased for each item. as type to the laptop. He wishes that with this information, the pc should produce each item along using its unit price, quantity acquired and the total price. Finally the computer should also print the total cost of every item purchased by the customer. Supposing a sentinel value of zero intended for the quantity acquired field inside the trailer record, draw a flowchart to get the logic to do this job.

Q7. Every employee shell out record comes with the several hours worked as well as the pay rate. The gross pay will be determined since hours proved helpful times spend rate, and it is to be printed for each staff. For all several hours worked around 40, the overtime rate, which is 1 . 5 times the normal rate, is to be paid. Pull a flowchart for the problem logic to do this. Assume the ideal sentinel benefit for any in the input fields of the movie trailer record.

Q8. The data document of Problem 48 (even group Q7) is widened to include a number of sets of data, each needing calculation of its common. Each data set is definitely followed by a trailer record with a value of -1; however the last data is definitely followed by a trailer record with a benefit of -2. Draw a flowchart to get the logic to perform this. Solution.

Q9. Draw a flow graph and or chart to add up all the actually numbers among 0 and 100. Before ending, print the result of calculations. Solution.

Q10. Draw a flowchart to get the logic to find out if the given triangle ABC can be described as right angled triangle. Assume that the sides are supplied as suggestions and info. Print the response as certainly or no. Option.

Q11. Bring a flowchart for the logic to convert many from foundation 10 to new foundation using split remainder technique....


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