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Influence of Television set Commercials within the Social and Moral Patterns of Of india Viewers – Empirical Facts

Dr . Jaspal Singh

Relate Professor

Department of Business and Organization Management

Wizard Nanak Dev University Amritsar, India

Namrata Sandhu, Ph. D. College student

Department of Commerce and Business Management

Guru Nanak Dev University or college, Amritsar, India

E-mail: [email protected] com, Cellphone: +918427080222


Although, there exists no opinion about the impact of tv commercials for the social and moral behavior of viewers, the claims that we find in past research happen to be grave. This study is definitely an attempt to examine the same in India. An empirical analysis of the landscapes of 520 respondents revealed that television ads undermine social, moral and religious principles and negatively influence human behavior. They will violate honest norms and disrespect the integrity of cultures, the effects of which express themselves as degradation of girls, sexual preoccupation and boost to materialism. Degradation of relationships in Indian households and the deceptive and unethical content of television advertisements are but other points of concern outlined by the study.

Key words: Values; human behavior; social responsibility; television advertisements; values

1 . Introduction

Each day, one comes across innumerable photos and commercials for several products. This excessive sum of press in our day to day lives cannot be side padded and affects all those surrounded by it. It is an expression in the society which we are a component, its mirror-image for all practical purposes and has a significant influence on the social, cultural and ethical values of its inmates (Ciochetto, 2004). The world is usually changing swiftly today in addition to its footsteps our primary values happen to be changing as well. The last 20 years on account of globalization have seen a great unparalleled change, which has stated itself as diminishing community values. Sociable values are getting eroded, meaningful values have grown to be fragmented plus the society can be facing a great unprecedented social evasion. The society today is taking on new values which are at loggerheads while using time examined and carefully accepted principles of our culture, a large portion of the responsibility which is why must be in the mind by the television commercials (henceforth TVCs) and also the unethical methods of the business and corporate homes which sponsor them. Today, the reach of television set is common. Commercial television set channels possess penetrated your remotest of areas and most adults experience thousands of adverts annually. It is thus natural for the ramifications with the violations of ethics by simply TVCs to appear in our personal lives and in addition on the contemporary society as a whole (Pollay, 1986).

Promoting, now a days is big business and many sectors like magazines, the satellite tv industry, papers and many other multimedia, non mass media and communication industries make it through only on the inflow involving due to marketing. It is because of the that corporate and business houses make use of all conceivable tactics to get the attention initial and cash ultimately. A few times these types of attempts require illegal, grubby or underhand tricks, making untrue promises (Burns ou al., 2005) and reliance on bogus information (Drumwright and Murphy, 2009). Off late, many debates have been completely going on regarding the social issues in advertising as well as the catastrophic outcomes of improper advertising have been completely brought to the forefront. The social effects of improper marketing generally express themselves as an adverse impact on child mindset (Haefner, 1991), human habit (Lavine ainsi que al., 1999), value system and belief (Roy, 2006), boost to materialism (Richins, 1995), go up of consumerism and corruption (Nuta, 2009), decreased ethics and self-confidence of women...


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