CE114 Product 5 Project Tiffany Cruz Essay


Developmental Breakthrough: Birth to Age Two

Unit five

CE114-Unit a few

Tiffany Jones

Birth to Age one particular

Age group 1 to Age 2

Physical and Motor

1 ) Briefly Observe Objects

1 ) Hold target above the kid

2 . Rattle a plaything to attract their particular attention

several. Hang a moving cellular on baby crib

2 . Rotate Over

1 ) Put the baby on their belly

2 . Put on ground and speak to the child to get

these to roll to you

3. Make use of a bottle or perhaps pacifier to try and get and get them to rotate towards the item

3. Walk with aide

1 . Hold child by waist to steady all of them and help all of them walk 2 . Hold kid's and help them walk

three or more. Show the child how to use things to help them walk

1 . Move to music

1 . Put on music

2 . Demonstrate child the right way to move

three or more. Talk to all of them and attempt to get them to go on to the music

installment payments on your Run forward

1 . Show the child tips on how to run ahead

2 . Encourage them to run

several. Have them practice running every day

3. Stop ball ahead

1 . Display child tips on how to kick the ball

2 . Roll the ball gradually towards all of them

3. You can keep them put the ball in front of them and kick the ball Sociable and Emotional

1 . Enjoy Peek-A- Boo

1 . Encourage them to play even more

2 . Laugh with them when they are playing peek-a-boo

3. Tell them they are really good at playing peek-a-boo

installment payments on your Feed themselves with fingertips

1 . Put them in high chair and put food on the dish

2 . Hands them tiny pieces of food

3. Encourage them to pick up the meals

3. Simulate simple actions

1 . You can keep them watch your goes

2 . Make them try and do the same thing

several. Help them do the simple actions

1 . Shows toileting requirements

1 . Question them if they should go potty

2 . Compliment and award them if they use the toilet

3. Try to encourage them to let you know when they must travel potty

2 . Show take great pride in and satisfaction at new accomplishments

1 ) Tell them they were doing a great job

installment payments on your Start assisting them to focus on a new achievement

3. Make them put a star following the fulfillment they finish

3. Really helps to dress and undress themselves

1 . Encourage them to assist you to put on their socks

installment payments on your Have them take their jackets off

a few. Have them assistance with changing all their clothes

Cognitive and Terminology

1 . Identify Faces

1 ) Help the kid with discovering the same encounters until a little older installment payments on your Try and have a similar care taker so the child will keep in mind their deal with 3. Set a picture of a familiar face in the kid are of any person they recognize

installment payments on your Attempts to imitate sounds

1 . Assist the child to help these groups imitate different sounds installment payments on your Use several sounds to encourage them to do the sounds

several. Work on diverse sounds slowly and gradually

a few. Follows a number of two simple but related directions

1 . Work with them to learn more


2 . Encourage them to stick to the new directions

3. Compliment them whenever they follow directions

1 . Point to common things when they are known as

1 . Focus on new items for your child to learn

2 . Move the objects to be able to areas pertaining to the child to fine a few. Play a game to see just how many objects they can point to

2 . Loves Looking at photo books

1 . Encourage them to look at the books

installment payments on your Make sure that there are different catalogs

3. You can keep them pick out a photo book and bring it for you

3. Recounts events that happen that day

1 ) Ask the child what they did today

2 . Encourage the child to share with their parents what they did that day three or more. Ask the child what a common event they did to day


1 ) Crying

1 ) Check baby for moist diaper

2 . See if kid is hungry

3. Decide if child is usually hurt

installment payments on your Explores cause and impact by knocking, rattling, and dropping objects 1 . Give the child gadget drum to see his a reaction to the banging 2 . Watch the child and see which object he likes the best

several. Check the reaction of the child at the time you take the target away from them

3. Fines hidden toy

1 . Find out if the child is usually watching where you hide the toy

installment payments on your Take the kid out of the area and then conceal the doll and see in the event that they can believe it is 3. Tell the child what a...

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The Developing Person Through Child years, Sixth Copy


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