Causes and Ways of Curbing Road Incidents. Questionnaire Composition

Section A- Demographic Questions

26. Gender



27. Age






•46 and previously mentioned

28. Competition





29. Which sort of permit do you own?

•Vehicle for handicapped person (A)

•Motorcycles (B/B1/B2)

•Cars (D)

•Trucks (E/E1/E2)

30. What is your employment status?



•Self utilized


thirty-one. What is your top education level?








Section B- General Concerns

32. Which kind of vehicle do you have? (Choose which is applicable)






•Do not very own any car

33. Perhaps you have received virtually any traffic summons before?

•Yes (Proceed to Question 9)

•No (Proceed to Problem 10)

thirty four. How a large number of summons perhaps you have received within the last 3 years?





•21 and previously mentioned

35. Have you been involved in virtually any road incident?

•Yes (Proceed to Query 11)

•No (Proceed to Question 12)

36. Had been you the driver?



37. In your thoughts and opinions, how may be the driving frame of mind of Malaysians in the area of Petaling Jaya? (1-Very poor; 5-Excellent)






38. What do you think will be the causes of street accidents? (Choose TWO only)

•Driving attitude with the driver

•Car condition

•Road condition

•Weather condition

•Numbers of vehicles on the road

39. Which particular time do you really regard as the utmost prone time for road mishaps to happen? (Choose TWO only)

•3am – 6am

•7am – 10am

•11am – 4pm

•5pm – 7pm

•8pm – 10pm

•11pm – 2am

40. Offer a reason for your choice above.

Section C- Certain Questions

forty one. How long are you currently driving?

•Less than a 12 months

•1 – 5 years

•6 – 10 years

•10 years and above

42. What type of car do you think that is certainly often involved in road mishaps?







43. Which is the main cause for road injuries?







44. Level the safety features and requirements of Malaysian cars. (1 – Inadequate; 5 – Excellent)






45. How often do you service/inspect your vehicle?

•3 months when

•6 a few months once

•12 months when

•More than 12 months

Section G – Society/Government Actions

46. To what lengthen do you think the law and enforcement that is carried out by the government is effective? (1 – Very poor; 5 – Excellent)






47. Which visitors enforcement do you consider is the most successful approach to curb accidents?


•Police patrols

•Hidden cameras

•Police observation along highways


forty-eight. Do you know about Ops Sikap?

•Yes (Proceed to Question 24)

•No (Proceed to Question 25)

49. Do you think Ops Ulah helps in curbing road mishaps?



50. What do you think is the foremost way to lower road accidents?

•Reduce the speed limit

•Widen the roads

•Set the specific moment for lorries to go on roads.

•Encourage people to take public transportation



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