Customer Understanding on Fmcg Products in Rural Market Essay



" A rural consumer is brand faithful and this also makes it easy to offer look-alike" В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В -- Mr. 3rd there’s r. V. Rajan, CMD, Anuragh Fake goods are of two types – one: fake products and two: pass-off goods. В Fake products are fake goods that bear identical term of product/ packaging/graphics/colour system and even same name and address since the genuine manufacturer. Someone creates these to look the same as real products other than the legal owner of the actual products, trademarks and product packaging. В Sometimes it is becoming more and more difficult to ascertain which is the realВ " Ponds" talcum powdered and " Clinic Plus" shampoo from your fake products.

Pass-off products use similar sounding or are similar in spellingВ (for case in point " Luk" for " Lux", В " 510" for " 501", " Saveena" for " Sabeena", В " Sun Max" or " Super Master". В They employ similar kind of packaging or color or perhaps designs. В They come out with the motive of misleading and cheating ordinary buyers who are uneducated or stuck in a job hurry in purchasing goods. A study conducted by ALTERNATING CURRENT Nielson, a research agency discloses that FMCG industry seems to lose around 2300 crores yearly to counterfeits and pass-off products. В According to Ashok Chhabra,

Exec Director, P& G the fake items are impacting the product sales of leading brands towards the extent of 20 to 30 percent. В Another new survey conducted by AIR CONDITIONER Nielson uncovers that top brands in India are believed to lose up to 30 percent with their business to fake products. В Besides the loss of revenue, the leading businesses also confront the loss in the damage to company image and brand commitment of consumers.

Laws Governing

Subsequent are the regulations under which legal action can be considered against suppliers and retailers of fake products: * Of india Penal Code 1860

5. Drugs and Cosmetics Take action, 1940

* Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954

* Consumer Protection Action, 1986

5. Bureau of Indian Criteria Act, 1986

* Logos Act, 99

The rural buyers by looking in the ads of leading chocolate companies unconsciously purchase the artificial chocolate brands because of their impulses. В В Hence, the researcher provides conducted a survey inside the petty retailers in non-urban areas to find out the fake chocolates obtainable.

List of False Chocolates/Toffees obtainable in rural areas

* Dairy Milk: Daily Milk

2. Kit Kat: Kir Kat

* Espresso Bite: Espresso Toffee

2. Mango Attack: Mango Ripe and mango bite

* Aasai: Aasha

* Attrazione: Rolo

2. Vicks: Vibex

It has been found out that artificial chocolates and toffees can be purchased in more range of petty shops for the key brands.

Methods for Chocolate/Toffee Companies in Rural Marketing (to kill artificial brands) * Product: В Without compromising upon quality, the key chocolate corporations can reduce their size to match the rural demand. * Pricing: В As the rural people are bothered regarding economy costs the leading candy companies may follow the technique of " penetration pricing" * Physical Distribution: В Sales professionals in the local area who have familiarity in the local (regional) language can be appointed to look after the product sales of country areas, in order to easily talk to the stores and can build goodwill.

Artificial brands exist in countryside as well as metropolitan locations. But the problem is more acute in rural areas especially the profound pockets which are less attainable and people possess very little knowledge about the original brands. " Many people in country India can easily recognize alphabets but not finish words, thus during a study, we discovered a whole lot of samples of imitation Clinic Additionally shampoo cartouchiere where the aesthetic was just like the original brand but the brand was converted to ‘Clinton' as Bill Clinton was to turn up soon in the area. During one more such raid, we gathered about 99 variants of Fair& Lovely cream...

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