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Mitosis and Meiosis Cell Department Lab

Component 1-MITOSIS


In this test first the stages of the onion cellular undergoing mitosis are going to be seen and every level is going to be discovered and driven on paper. A brief description as to what is going about should be attached to the pictures. This is very important to understand basic principles of cellular division which is necessary expansion, repair and asexual reproduction. Second the amount of cells starting each stage is going to be counted to figure out in which phase the cell remains the most. If perhaps interphase is definitely the stage when the cell expands and prepares for cell division then your number of cellular material undergoing interphase will be the many. After skin cells were counted it arrived that certainly the number of cells in interphase is the most then prophase, metaphase=anaphase and telophase. This makes all of us come for the conclusion the longest period for a cell is interphase in which the cellular grows and gets ready to divide. The second longest in prophase where the chromatin fabric start to contact form chromosomes. The other phases which stick to are very brief and speedy.


Mitosis is the trademark the center, providing the same amounts of nuclear material towards the daughter cells, in eukaryotes. Equal levels of chromosomes are provided for the forming child cells simply by replicating the DNA and chromosomes before the division. Mitosis occurs in somatic cells and generates 2 daughter cells. The complete process of mitosis consists of a few stages.

1-Interphase: is the stage in which the cell rests and gets ready for division. Involves 3 parts. -G1: range of organelles dual, size boosts. At the end of the phase is actually a G1 gate which handles is the cellular is ready for division or not. -S: chromosomes are duplicated.

-G2: special healthy proteins and digestive enzymes for cell division are synthesized.

2-Prophase: Centrioles move to opposite poles of the cell. Form spindle fibers which'll become the microtubules holding the centromere. Chromosomes become noticeable as long posts and become shorter and thicker. Each chromosome joins another forming sibling chromatids cemented to the middle with a centromere. Indivisible membrane dissolves.

3-Metaphase: spindle fibers from your centrioles affix to the chromosomes at the kinetochore lining the chromosomes in the heart of the cellular.

4-Anaphase: The centromeres split and the sis chromatids independent. The spindle fibers total the chromosomes to different poles of the cell.

5-Telophase: The moment chromosomes reach opposite poles a elemental membrane varieties around them. Chromosomes then untwist and expand becoming hidden again. Spindle fibers break up.

At the end of mitosis cytokinesis takes place which can be the formation of any cleaved membrane between the two new created cells to split up them.


-onion underlying tip cellular material



1-Observe the onion underlying tips underneath the microscope first at 100X and then for 400X. 2-Draw each phase of mitosis you see.

3-Write a brief information of the things you observe in each phase under the photo. 4-Under 400X count the amount of cells having different stages. Record data. 5-Calculate the whole number of cells.

6-Calculate the percent period of time the cellular material spend in each period.


The information we accumulated shows that 52% of the skin cells were in stage interphase. This indicates that more than the half of the cells will be recovering from all their previous division and preparing to divide once again. 40% in the cells were in the second phase prophase while the other phases a new cell percentage number of ~2%. This means that prophase is the second longest stage. This can be since it takes a longer time to copy the chromosomes than simply lining them up and drawing them aside.


Our hypothesis that if interphase is the regenerating phase then it'll be the...


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