Bio Info Form Composition

Biodata structure Full name Cellphone / Mobile Email::: Attach attested latest passport size Photo with signature


(A) Educational Skills: Year of passing Qualification Specialisation Institution / or perhaps Subjects College / School / Company SSC / 10th as well as ___ HSC / 12th / ___ Graduation Content graduation B. Ed. Any other Total markings %/ CGPA Any other relevant information

You should explain spaces, if any _________________________________________________

(B) Extra Qualification: Year of passing Diploma Specialisation University / or Subjects Institute Total represents %/ CGPA Any other relevant information

(C) Achievements in the event that any:


Sr. No . 1 2 3 some 5

(D) Work experience: Last salary driven: Gross (including PF, HRA, etc . ) - Rs. _______________ (Start from last organization you were functioning With) Simply no of Organisation Designation Work Reason for years responsibilities departing (Give Month & Year) From To

Net salary

PERSONAL SPECIFICS 1) Time of beginning 2) Age 3) Birth place 4) Gender 5) Marital Position:::::

6) Blood group


7) Height 8) Weight 9) Skin color 10) Eyesight


11) Identity Mark On Body: 12) Category 13) Religion 14) Nationality::: ST / SC/ OBC/ Basic

15) Correspondence Address:

16) Permanent Talk about:

17) Interests / hobbies


18) Languages known Dialect

: Read Publish Speak

19) Do you have Insurance Policy?

Yes_______ No________

If yes than give information ____________________________________________________ Brand of the nominee___________________________ Do you have Drivers license? Yes_____ No_____

Details of loved ones: Total number of members of the family: Sr. No . Name of member Applicants Age Marriage with affiliate Educational Profession Qualification of member of affiliate

Any other info you would like to give:

I hereby certify the information supplied above can be accurate and recent to the date indicated under.

Date: Place:...


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