Big Five Factor Theory Essay




PRACTICE QUERIES Here are some practice examples to demonstrate you what the questions within the real test out are like.

Practice Example 1


A: 5 M: 6 C: 7 M: 8 Electronic: None of the

Practice Model 2

Which can be the largest number?

A: 403

B: 4600

C: 406

D: 4060

E: None of these

Practice Example three or more


What value does the circled number in the quantity above signify? A: 4879 B: seven-hundred C: 75 D: six E: non-e of these

You should fill in your answer for the answer bed sheet provided.

You may have 30 minutes to complete as many questions as you can.



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Numerical Reasoning Entry Examination

Issue 1

в€’ 10 & в€’3 в€’ в€’4 + 5 sama dengan

A: a couple of Question 2

в€’ ninety six Г· в€’6 Г· 8 =

N: – doze

C: – 4

Deb: 16

Electronic: non-e of these

A: two Question several

B: 12

C: – 12

D: – two

E: None of these

Jo bought a used car for $6000 and paid 15% put in. How much do he still have to pay out? A: $900 Question some B: $5000 C: $4500 D: $5100 E: non-e of these

your five Г— в€’2 в€’ (8 в€’ 12) + 16 Г· в€’8 =

A: 6 Question 5 N: – almost eight C: – 16 G: – six E: None of these

Precisely what is 8% of $600?

A: $580 Problem 6 W: $480 C: $48 Deb: $58 E: None of those

Which is the longest length?

A: 3500cm B: sixty five. 5m C: 75000mm D: 15. 5m E: 0. 1km

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Statistical Reasoning Entrance Examination

Page 2

Issue 7

The perimeter from the shape is definitely




A: 47cm

M: 72cm

C: 69cm

M: 94cm

E: Not enough details to find perimeter

Question eight

If the length of the shorter arc AB is usually 22cm and C may be the centre of the circle, then your circumference in the circle is definitely:

A: 990cm

B: 67cm

C: 176cm

D: 88cm

E: non-e of these

Issue 9

If 2 fligs make a flog and 3 flogs make a flug, how many fligs in doze flugs? A: 72 M: 17 C: 36 D: 34 Elizabeth: non-e of these

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Mathematical Reasoning Entrance Evaluation

Page 3

Question 12

If a couple of 1/3: some 1/3 then 7:

A: 12

; M: 13


C: almost 8 2/3 D: 6 one-half E: non-e of these

Query 11

Concrete floor is made by simply mixing tests cement and sand inside the ratio several: 1: 12-15. How much yellow sand would be needed to make 125 tonnes of concrete? A: 27 tonnes B: thirty-three. 75 soucis C: forty five tonnes D: 75 tonnes E: non-e of these

Problem 12

aВ° 127В°

aВ° =


A: 53

B: forty

C: 93

D: 146

E: non-e of these

Question 13

xВ° =



A: 124

M: 304

C: 54

G: 66

Electronic: None of the

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Mathematical Thinking Entrance Exam

Page some

Use the subsequent graph to resolve questions 16 and 15

10 on the lookout for 8

The graph reveals the number of several hours a year almost eight group put in doing research for one week.


six 6 five 4 a few 2 you 0 3 4 5 6 several 8 on the lookout for 10 14 12

Hours of Study

Question 16

How a large number of students examined for more than eight hours inside the week? A: 22 W: 29 C: 42 M: 50 At the: non-e of such

Question 15

How a large number of students researched for 6th hours or perhaps less each week?

A: being unfaithful B: 18 C: 12-15 D: doze E: None of these

Query 16

Two six on the sides dice will be thrown together. What is the probability a total of 10 can be thrown? A: 1/6 Question 17 M: 1/12 C: 1/2 M: 5/6 Elizabeth: None of the

The gradient of the range is

A: 3 2

B: two 3

C: в€’ two 3

Deb: в€’

a few 2

At the: None of those

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Mathematical Reasoning Entrance Exam

Page 5

Question 18


The y intercept of the chart could only be:


A: (4, zero )

B: (0, в€’3)

C: (в€’ 4, 0)

D: (в€’ 3, 0)

E: (0, 3)

Question 19

Which will inequation shows the following declaration?

x is usually 6 or less and more than – 5 A: – 5 < back button ≤ 6th B: – 5 > x ≤ 6 C: – five ≤ x ≤ six D: – 5 < x < 6 Electronic: – your five ≤ by < six

Question twenty

Expand and simplify

– 6 (2x – 3) – 14 A: − 12 times − 30 B: 7 − 12 x C: 12 back button − several D: six + 12 x Electronic: None of these

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Mathematical Thinking Entrance Evaluation

Page 6

Question twenty one...


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