Aptitude Check Essay


Questions = 70; time frame = seventy five minutes. Sectional cut-off in each section its around 60% in Logical Reasoning part and 50% in Verbal Potential. no bad marking Off-line (paper & pen) check

Test out Paper: several

Paper Type: Whole Testpaper

Evaluation Date: 13 January 2010

Test Site: Graphic Time University, Dehradun

Placed By: Devidas

Analytical & Logical reasoning: (30 issue: 40 minutes)

English section: (40 problem: 35 minutes)

1 ) There are 6561 balls away of them one particular is heavy. Find the min. number of times the balls need to be weighed for locating out the heavy ball.

Ans. 8

2 . If I walk with 40 miles/hr we reach one hour before of course, if i walk with twenty miles/hr my spouse and i reach 1 hour late. Locate the distance between 2 items and the actual time of achieving destination is usually 11 was then locate the speed which it taking walks. Ans. 120miles and twenty four miles/hr

3. Once u change the numbers of age of father u will get age son. one full year ago the age of father was twice regarding son's age. what are the existing ages of father and son? Ans: 73 & 37

4. Within a class there are less than five-hundred students. in the next divided simply by 3 it provides a whole quantity. similarly launched divided by simply 4, five or 7 gives a entire number. get the no . of learners in the school Ans: four-twenty

5. A coffee owner has two sorts of caffeine Brand A costing your five bits per pound and Brand B costing several bits per pound. this individual mixes two brands to have a 40 pound mixture. he sold this at 6th bits per pound. the vendor gets money of thirty-three 1/2 percent. how much this individual has used Manufacturer A in the mixture?

Ans: 30 pounds

Directions 11-15: In every single question listed here are given 3 Statements then three Findings numbered We, II and III. You need to take the given Statements to be true even if they seem to be at difference from frequently known details. Read all the conclusions after which decide which with the given Conclusions logically follows from the offered Statements ignoring commonly noted facts. 10. Statements:

Some cycles will be busses.

Every cars will be buses.

Several buses happen to be trains.


I. Every cares will be cycles.

II. Some locomotives are buses.

III. Several trains will be cars.

(1) non-e comes after

(2) Only I and II follow

(3) Simply land III follow

(4) Only 2 and III follow

(5) non-e of these

Ans: some

12. Statements:

All pencils are stays.

Some sticks are records.

All diaries are remarks.


We. Some remarks are schedules.

II. A lot of sticks will be pencils.

III. Some schedules are supports.

(1) Almost all follow

(2) Only My spouse and i follows

(3) Only I and 2 follow

(4) Only II follows

(5) None of the

Ans: five

13. Transactions:

Some pals are leaves.

No tea leaf is fruit.

Some fruits are pals.


We. Some fruits are leaves.

II. Almost all buds will be fruits.

3. Some leaves are pals.

(1) Simply I or perhaps II uses

(2) Simply III comes after

(3) Just II follows

(4) non-e follows

(5) None of the

Ans: 2

14. Statements:

Some chickens are pets or animals.

All pets are waterways.

Some rivers are lions.


My spouse and i. Some elephants are animals

II. A few rivers are birds

III. No pet is lion

(1) Simply II employs

(2) Simply either I or III follows

(3) I and II comes after

(4) only either II or III follow

(5) non-e of these

Ans: several

15. Assertions:

All boxes are cookware Some packing containers are containers. Some jugs are eyeglasses.


I actually. Some glasses are packing containers

II. Simply no glass can be box

3. some containers are pots and pans IV. Simply no jug can be pan (1) Only We and 2 follows

(2) Either I actually or 2 and 3 follows

(3) Only 3 follows

(4) Either I actually or II, and possibly III or IV comply with

(5) non-e of these

Ans: B

Directions 16-20 Use the following answer...


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