Analysis of Middle Selection Nursing Theory Essay

Integration of Mid-Range Theory and Practice Paper:

MaryKay Livingston

Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

Case Western Reserve University

Dr . Deborah Lindell

The Practice Situation

Sophisticated physiological alterations during pregnancy have got a significant impact on almost every appendage on the body system including the oral cavity -- these changes are due to de las hormonas changes. Female causes elevated blood flow to the oral cavity, making the gums friable and simple to bleed, contributing to gingivitis. Pregnancy-associated gingivitis is highly prevalent. It affects approximately 30%-75% of pregnant women and solves after delivery. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy can also increase the risk of extensive erosion (Varney, Kriebs, & Gegor, 2004; Barak, Oettinger, Machetie, Peled, & Ohel, 2003). In addition , within diet, including increased usage of carbs, increased acid from vomiting, and changes in oral health may raise the risk of tooth decay during pregnancy (Russel & Mayberry, 2008). Current study and facts shows the importance of keeping good dental health during pregnancy. Facts supports that periodontal attacks during pregnancy enhances the risk of adverse birth final results such as unwanted deliveries, low birth weight, still labor and birth, miscarriage, and pre-eclampsia (Russell & Mayberry, 2008; Jeffcoat, Geurs, Reddy, Cliver, Goldenberg & Hauth, 2001). Preterm birth is a significant public health problem, because the prematurity rate at in the United States was 12. seven percent in 2007. Preliminary info for 2008 indicates a small decline to about 12. 3% (Martin, Hamilton, Sutton, Ventura, Mathews, Kirmeyer, & Osterman, 2010). Behrman & Butler (2007) reported that annual societal preterm births cost more than $26. a couple of billion in 2005, or $51, six-hundred per newborn born preterm, including maternal delivery, amounts, early involvement services, and loss of household and labor market output. As a midwife, one main goal during antenatal care is usually to improve pregnant state outcomes. Element of this can be completed is by endorsing oral health treatment and healthy and balanced behaviors. It is crucial to provide dental health education before and during the latest pregnancy, and also educate our clients about the association between poor maternal oral health and adverse pregnant state outcomes. Additionally , we must cause them to become see a dentist during pregnancy. Theory

To choose a theory to apply to the practice difficulty, relevant theories must be seriously evaluated based upon a set of requirements. The author applied the three questions posed by Fawcett and Associates (1992) while described by simply Kenny (2006): " (1) Does the theory or model address the consumer problems and health concerns?; (2) Are the nursing jobs interventions suggested by the version consistent with customer's expectations pertaining to nursing care?; and (3) Are the goals of nursing actions, based on the style or theory, congruent together with the client's wanted health effects? ” (Kenny, 2006, g. 305). A lot of middle range theories can be utilised and applied to maximize dental health during pregnancy, in addition to the prevention of adverse end result related to oral problems. The idea of Reasoned Action and Theory of Planned Tendencies focuses on and explores the partnership between behavior and morals, as well as attitudes and objective (Montano & Kasprzyk, 2008). The Konzentrationsausgleich of Enhancements Theory has been used to study the adoption of well being behaviors and programs (Tiffany & Lutjens, 1998). The Precaution Ownership Process Style has been used on behaviors which usually require planned action and initiating fresh behaviors (Weinstein, Sandman, & Blalock, 2002). The Transtheoretical Model and Stages of Change are used to guide the specific through the periods of in order to action and maintenance (Prochaska, Redding, & Evers, 2002). The Health Belief Model can be used to foresee and explain health manners...

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