us 101 goal setting job sheet Article


Goal-Setting Worksheet

Determine and explain one immediate and 1 long-term academic goal and one personal goal.

Analyze the goals using SMART criteria.

Desired goals





Time frame

Initial goal:

Successful Successful Time management for college

Using a planner or perhaps agenda

Yes it is possible intended for to to acquire this target. I have a planner/agenda in which We are using I possess everything We would need to be powerful with this kind of goal I use given personally enough time daily fo analyze

Long-term goal:

Successfully complete my level

Using a adviser or schedule, staying in close contact with my personal graduation group, contacting my instuctors merely need help Yes I have the materials, and the staff to assist me with this aim. It is possible to attain this kind of goal I actually possess the necessary tools needed to become successful

I have given myself enough time to satisfy this target

Personal goal:

Also continue with personal growth pertaining to health, wellness, and spiritual well being, and cosmetology Preventing time for oersonal growth, and spiritual well-being. Continuing to help my educatin, attending local hair shows I have the materials. Excellent planner, with it, and checking over it several times a week to be sure that I'm staying on target. It will be possible for me to attain this target I have all the tools to complete the goal

I have offered myself ample time to full this objective successfully

Respond to the following queries in 55 to 100 words every single:

What role will motivation enjoy in target achievement?

The role in which motivation takes on is very important. Inspiration is key. Keeping up my energy, means to keep my travel. Also it means keeping the wish for reaching my own goal in. Breaking down one particular big objective into smaller sized mile rocks is also a great tool which can help keep up my personal motivation. To remain committed to the method. To constantly think of the pay off when I total each goal....


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