African American Background: Tribute to Sojourner Real truth Essay

Documentary Film Analysis Worksheet

History 221 – Dark-colored History Before 1877


• You will find the set of films they have in the Lesson section of the course. • Go to the list and pick your film. You must see the entire film. If you can't access films because of deployment, geographic location, or perhaps other reasons, please let your trainer know so they can give you another assignment. • Please type you answers into this kind of sheet. You must submit the worksheet two ways: 1) upload the worksheet as a Term document 2) cut and paste the answers in the student response box for the job. • You need to answer in complete phrases, using a brief answer/paragraph structure.

1 . Precisely what is the title from the film you picked?

It of the film I decided to look at is the " Tribute to Sojourner Truth”. 2 . So why did you pick this film over the other folks offered?

I chose this kind of film over all the other offered since I wanted to master a little more regarding the life of Sojourner Fact. 3. What is/are the central message(s) of this documentary/fictional film? Be specific. Work with examples in the film to back up your choice. The central message of this documented was to gain some publicity how much Sojourner Truth is appreciated for her work as an abolitionist and other actions that she participated in. Many persons stood up and offered speeches regarding Sojourner Real truth, such as Hilary Clinton who also stated that she got the right name because the girl with a " Sojourner of truth, pertaining to truth, and by truth”. 4. Consider the effectiveness of the film for this record class. Exactly what are its strengths and weaknesses of this film in documenting history? This kind of films strength was shown through each of the famous people that got approximately speak about Sojourner Truth with much pride and admiration. Hilary Clinton, Cicely Tyson, and Yolanda Adams had been among many others that paid tribute to Sojourner Truth through...


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