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SECTION 2- Activity 1

1 . Bench is famous for their stylish and yet affordable wearing apparels not just for a man but also for girls. Ben Chan introduced many not just in the Philippines nevertheless also in other countries. They concentrate on their customer's needs and wants. They are able to satisfy the different types of customers.

2 . Many consumers at present are into fashionable yet inexpensive clothing/apparel. For this reason, Bench presented their trendy products. And since we are at this point in the Electric Age, Internet gave a significant contribution in advertising many. They are into Facebook, Myspace, Instagram, and so forth for simplicity of giving the consumers the info they want to find out about the Bench's products.

a few. Ben Chan takes into mind the number of consumers on a particular place that could patronize his products. He assessed if there are many rivals on that place that provides clothing/apparel much like him. And also, the demand from the consumers and their capability to get their products. This individual considers the purchase price sensitivity.


CHAPTER 2- Activity 4

Our Lady in the Pillar College-Cauayan (OLPCC) is actually a private educational institution in Cauayan City that has many opponents in different elements. Lower costs, quality of education, technical facilities, and laboratories are a few of the things that parents/guardians are looking for ahead of enrolling youngsters. Having its own competitive brains will greatly affect it is enrollment browsing Cauayan Town. Competitive brains essentially means understanding and learning can be happening in the world outside your company so you can be since competitive as is possible. It means learning as much as possible—as soon because possible—about a person's industry generally speaking, one's opponents, or even your county's particular zoning rules. In short, it empowers one to anticipate and face difficulties head on. OLPCC...


 Essay in fast food sector
Essay in fast food sector

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