An Examination of the federal government Techniques in the Old World

An Examination of the federal government Techniques in the Old World

Governmental Techniques in the Old World

Throughout history, many techniques have already been used for organizing contemporary society. Experimentation with different models mainly occurred in the ancient Mediterranean globe. Athenian democracy, Hebrew temple talk about, Hellenic city-claims, Hellenistic kingdoms, the Roman Republic, and the Christian Roman Empire had been all major varieties of governance, each with their very own strengths and weaknesses. To decide which of these forms was successful, it really is impotent to check out each form's chronological development.

Hebrew State Origin

The Hebrew State started as a loose confederation of twelve tribes. A tribe's elders ruled it, even though there is intermarriage between tribes, there is no real political interconnection. They shared common religious beliefs, language and culture, nonetheless they didn't owe allegiance to 1 ruler.

The roots of the Hebrew tribes lay in myth. Jacob, a patriarch of Judaism, is thought to experienced twelve sons, each of whom begot a tribe of individuals. Taking into consideration the legendary characteristics of every son, each tribe had specific traits. For instance, the tribe of Levy had been the priests of the Jews. They possessed no property, and survived on the tithes of the persons. The tribe of Dan had been a seafaring persons; their ancestral territory lay on the coast of the MEDITERRANEAN AND BEYOND. These twelve groups of persons were in no way one country, they raided one another occasionally, and there have been often disputes concerning boundaries and land rights.

In the eleventh century B.C.E., another danger, eminent invasion by the Philistines, drove the Hebrews


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