An Analysis of the fantastic Expectations by Charles Dickens

An Analysis of the fantastic Expectations by Charles Dickens

Great Expectations Final Paper


the first stages of some persons’ lives, many occurrences occur that

have completely no effect on their future, however, various other individuals

are put through conditions that may change the span of their

lives, unique of they ever before could have imagined. Regarding

Pip’s life, two significant events occurred that not merely changed the way

he thought but also just how he cared for others and lived lifestyle

for years to check out. In Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations”,

the character Pip had not been only forced into assisting Magwitch escape

the remains to be of his convict way of living but he also fell deeply in love with

Estella, who cared for Pip as though he was a gadget, however, both events

have triggered Pip to recognize that true wealth are available in affection

for others instead of trying to come to be the gentleman he longed to end up being.


the early levels of the novel, Pip would go to see his parents’

tombstones in the graveyard next to his residence in the marsh. A

convict, who we in the future learn is known as Magwitch, appears in the

graveyard and grabs Pip. Magwitch in that case tells Pip to “…bring

[him], to-morrow morning early on, that record and them wittles […] You

fail, or you proceed from my words in virtually any partickler, regardless of how small

it is, as well as your heart as well as your liver will be tore out, roasted, and

ate” which can be an extremely important minute of the novel (Dickens,

6). In this instant, Pip made a decision to listen to


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