An Allegory of the Chilly War in the People of Ralph and Jack and the Fire in the Novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding

An Allegory of the Freezing War in the Character types of Ralph and Jack and the Fire in the Novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding

The ramifications of war extend considerably beyond the battlefield and the physical damage wrought. One battle, the Cold Battle, was a significant ideological conflict between democracy in the West and the Soviet type of communism in the East. The beliefs of people on both sides of this conflict were designed by the differing ideologies that their side stood. Nowhere is definitely this effect on the populace more evident than in gets results of film, artwork, literature, and additional cultural artifacts from this time frame. One author out of this time period, William Golding, writer of Lord of the Flies, was an Englishman who fought for the Allies in Globe Battle II. His novel, Lord of the Flies, can be an allegory of the Cool Battle through the portrayal of Jack, Ralph, and the fire, and in getting so, displays an ideological bias of the meanings of very good and evil.

Two of the primary individuals, Jack and Ralph, are obvious parallels to the West and the Communists through both their physical characteristics and their actions. In the very beginning of the novel, Ralph is referred to as handsome, muscular, and comfortable. He has fair locks, broad shoulders, and "a mildness about his mouth and eye that proclaimed no devil"(Golding 10). That is an overt stereotype of leaders from the West, such as for example American presidents and British primary ministers, especially from the point of view of an Englishman. Soon after their arrival on the island, Ralph is definitely elected chief, not because of any leadership skills but rather as a result of his physical attractiveness, charisma, and self-confidence. Many times in


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