A Focus on the type Jean-Louse Finch in Harper Lees Novel "To Eliminate Mockingbird"

A Focus on the type Jean-Louse Finch in Harper Lee's Novel "To Eliminate Mockingbird"

To be considered a positive individual involves maturity. Maturity can be used

to describe the state of somebody who has experience, wise, and has common

sense. In the novel To Destroy A Mockingbird the type Scout, better know

as Jean Louise Finch developed in to a far more positive individual throughout

the novel. She recognized that Mr. Arthur Radley (Boo) was a sort man not a

monster that should be feared. She discovered how exactly to fight with her brain not

with her fists. She learned all about equality and inequality, justice and

injustice and finally about racial prejudice.

As Scout matured she discovered that she should allow persons as they

are. For the first time Scout views Boo Rradley as a sort man not really a monster

that should be feared. This certainly showed her emotional progress, over

the span of the novel. Her first of all anticipation that Boo was a good man

came from the actual fact that she found presents in a tree on the Radley whole lot..

Scout stated:

Some tinfoil was sticking in a knot-hole simply above my eye


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